how to reduce prop slip

Is it true that Cleavers have negatively progressive pitch? Happy boating! Full fuel load – couldn’t touch 6000 (5980-5990) rpm but 1.5 mph gain, Bravo I FS 21 – time to plane matched the FS 20 (down 7 gallons of fuel from full) and top speed .5 mph gain over the 20 with no difference in top, Boat 2 – 2018 Ranger 619 FS, 225 Verado, kicker I get 35.5 mph at 6030 rpm at 4200 ft of elevation. It should free up the motor for much better hole shot and acceleration as well. how to reduce prop slip, 1. 9,8 ft (3m) beam width For over 25 years, Livorsi has continued to excel by producing innovative parts for performance boating enthusiasts. The most RPM’s I am able to turn is 5350 according to the gauge. Quote: Originally Posted by millhouse961. She very lazy though trying to get a skier up, me 240lbs @6’ I draw a bit of water lol. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pitch is NOT measured the same way as is diameter. We ran a 27 Bravo XS on the 2015 Ranger while others Tried to run the 25-26 Fury. 6 in Bobs. You can try raising the engine up one hole, I’m weary that the prop will start to slip. On most bass boats normal prop slip is around 10-12%. The boat has reacted quite differently than any boat previously owned. 04-06-2008, 06:16 PM. Just picked up a little Bayliner Vr5. Nick, I just ran the prop on the river before all the debris started. A 26 pitch Pro Max may come close but it won’t be any faster. Nick and Scott, Thanks a bunch. Also, how do the number of blades effect slip, 3,4,5? What percentage of slip should you have? I get around 11% with my Bravo 1.Are you using a GPS speedo?Does the trim work enough to get the bow out of the water?Bob. Totally differnt prop. My thinking is raising the engine one hole (+ 3/4″) would put it too high at 3″, and dropping to 21P would add 200 RPM but maybe not more top speed due to lower pitch. Propeller blades work like wings on an airplane. I have something very interesting going on that from past experience is not adding up. (661) 295-7000 Thanks everyone; this is all very helpful info and now my brain is overloaded. 5500 rpms WOT, 1.75 gears 24 pitch with cup, so add 1 degree for cup, that makes the prop a 25 pitch, max mph via two separate gps is 73.5,water pressure is 22psi with Merc low water pickups at WOT. So instead of moving 18 inches, a propeller in water moves maybe 15 inches. Drag--- increases prop slip as well as the design of the prop and the cup, angle of the blade, and how many blades it has on the hub ie...3,4,5 or 6 take your pick. I will try with standard prop (?) That hull definitely likes all of the lift it is getting from the ECO. 6 sec count, Bravo I FS 20 – time to plane approx. It currently has a 17P aluminum 3 blade at WOT it maxes out at 6100 RPM and 36 GPS measured MPH. Nick, 04-06-2008, 08:27 PM. Bill, If you don't want to go stainless, have your prop lead edge "knifed" by a pro. Privacy Statement - Each time a screw makes a complete turn, it has completed a "pitch." If your RPM's are actually less so to will be your slip % number...JC. Propeller slip occurs with every propeller, but the amount of slip varies depending on propeller design. The reason a propeller moves something less than 18 inches is because it operates in a liquid medium, which creates slippage. Topped out 48mph@4800 full of gas one passenger. The simplest way to explain prop slip is to think of a screw. Your slippage figures are correct, right at 20 percent or so. Nick or Scott, I just ran the prop on the river before all the debris started. You helped me prop my 2015 Ranger with the Bravo XS and I have loved it from the beginning and have turned several other guys on to the Bravo and have cured set up nightmares. Learning the proper trim for given speed and conditions is paramount to reducing slip. prop , you can get a work of art, or you can get a piece of junk! I’ve enjoyed sharing with you. It appears that I have more slip at mid range speeds than I do top end. If you are mostly concerned with top end, the Fury is hard to beat. The slip can be much higher at lower speeds, often above 50%. It is the most misunderstood of all propeller terms. Puts my slip % pretty high at about 27. I have a Trophy (vent holes plugged) on my Yar-Craft and had to go almost full throttle at holeshot to get to plane., Mercury Racing 60R Powers a Dream Catcher, Bass Boats Rage with Mercury Racing 300HP CNC Cleaver Prop, Hydrodynamics: Part 2 – The Science and Art of Gearcase Hydrodynamics, Lightning E.T. I have not had a chance to calculate the slip since reading everyone's responses. I think you are spot on with the 20 pitch Bravo I LT. Ken. A spun hub feels like a loss of power with excessive RPM. But, when RPM is increased, the engine revs with little or no boat acceleration because the prop begins to spin. With a positive angle of attack, even higher pressure below the wing creates still more lift. Gear ratio in fact is 1.85:1 ! to add. Propeller – Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Rotation: BTW I was checking REV 4 XP 16 RH + flow torq ss adaptor for 5/4″, but did not find anybody offering it. A propeller turns in much the same way and also has a pitch. Now I’m moving to a 2019 Ranger z520L..I’m told I need to run a 23 or 24 pitch fury….nobody is mentioning a Bravo XS or why…just like in 2015 I’m guessing nobody is educated on the benefits gained in the Bravos design. Hole shot is outstanding. How much slip is the optimum amount for your application? Archive - It will be great for pulling skiers, those props have great forward thrust. I care most about fuel economy do I stay with a tempest and go to 17p or would a enertia eco be better. We tried a 24p and it was much the same. Address BBLADES Professional Propellers, LLC N5007 Highway 73 Princeton WI 54968-8666; Phone Phone: 920-295-4435 Fax: 920-295-4436 Store Hours Your calculations are correct, the Spitfire actually runs 1.5 to 2 inches tall in pitch. The 7/10 radius rotational speed in MPH can be calculated as follows: Blade tip speed can be calculated using the following equation: Forward speed is shown by an arrow in the direction of travel. 5860 max rpm at 49.9 mph – max trim limits at 7.9 I needed to drop 200 RPM also. Is the slip to high 17 %, is there any better choice for a propeller. If you go stainless, and decide to go with a Merc. thanx a lot.It is much more clear now. What kind of speedo do you have? If you go stainless, and decide to go with a Merc. Later when I will see actual data it will be easier to upgrade – if needed. A forum community dedicated to performance boat owners and enthusiasts. TM on bow. 4. If you can get your hands on some other props to try, that would be great. What did your slip come out to now? My goal is to have best fuel economy at cruising speed (23-28 mph), and top speed 39+ mph . Knifing will reduce slip and some RPM. You are at 14% slip which is awesome for a Bravo I XS setup. As I spoke to the local dealer, they are not sure which prop to use, as this is relatively new boat and new engine for them, and have no experience. The length of the arrows reflect speed in MPH for both the measured speed and the theoretical (no slip) forward speed. I have a light 5 m RIB and recently i bought a Spitfire X7 17 pitch prop. However, a prop must slip somewhat to work properly and efficiently. Once a hub is spun, there generally remains enough friction to operate at low RPM – sort of a “get home” mode. I have a 2005 Checkmate Pulsare 2100 w a 2005 promax 300x with a sportmaster 1.62 lower.currently running 27p Trophy Plus that will turn 5900 at 80mph…it seems like this combo should run faster to me.. what prop would you recommend?? It's a question to ask a prop professional. This is a pretty empty boat (1/2 tank of gas, just me operating and a 9.9 kicker. Jeff, My rig is a 2015 Ranger Z119C with 225HO ETEC G1. Advertising - Sorry for the late response. This has been a great series and I have learned a great deal! Hi For example, if a 10-inch pitch prop actually advances 8-1/2 inches per revolution through water, it is said to have 15-percent slip (8-1/2 inches is 85% of 10-inches). Additional factors such as RPMs, course over ground, and speed (in mph or Km) can be determined in real-time. One of the most common questions is about prop slip. Hi 3. I am currently trying a Fury 4 25p that is allowing me to raise the jack plate and give some transom lift but I am only turning 5500RPMs at 68.5. There seems to be high amount of slip on the prop. Way to go Scott! Is there (or what is) the maximum speed at which a propeller can be rotated in the water before it starts to lose efficiency – presumably this varies with the diameter of the prop – so I am probably asking what is the maximum usable velocity of the tip of the prop?? Here’s our prop slip calculator: I have a 21′ Tritoon with a 150 Pro XS. We'll be dropping the boat into Cachuma on Sat. What type of prop are you running? Constant pitch or progressive pitch is a question for the experts. Still in break-in with 4hrs. Blackpowder, Rifles, Etc. It sounds like you have your rig dialed in perfectly, low slip on a tritoon is a great thing, I wouldn’t change a thing! VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

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