how to measure bicycle spoke gauge

Measure its length, from the point where it hooks on to the hub to the wheel rim. Twice that is 22 mm, and so the spoking diameter measures as 508.2 mm. Here are two that I particularly liked: Last modified: 07/12/2015 All the spokes on one side of a wheel should be the same size. WARNING: Do not rely on someone else's sorting abilities -- measure EVERY spoke you plan on using. The axle gets in the way when measuring the diameter of the circle of spoke holes (d in the image at the right). Must be measured at several angles and averaged. If you are measuring with a standard ruler measure from the center of the J bend to the end of the spoke. First, let's measure from the right end. An example is shown below, using the same hub. Creating new Help Center documents for Review queues: Project overview. The measured depth from the outside of the rim to the spoke hole is 11 mm. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Some rims have spoke holes closer to one side than the other, to reduce dishing when the hub has unequal flange spacing. The final measurements you need to calculate spoke length are. SHIPPING SAFELY EVERYDAY. We have an article about that. It seems to be ridiculously complicated to determine what kind of replacement spoke you need. Insert two old spokes into holes exactly opposite each other on the rim. d, flange diameter is measured between centers of opposite holes in the hub flange. WARNING: If you use 1.8mm spokes and 2.0mm nipples, the threads will strip out of the nipples once you tension the spoke. The handy Sutherland Rim Diameter System simplifies measurement of the rim. Measure to the nearest 1mm or 1/32 inch, or better. Left and right flange diameters are often, but not always, the same. Beyond that limit, it will bind. You can use a hub listed in Edd's database, or measure your own hub by following these steps: Not a lot of precision is needed in the width dimensions. If you are good at holding objects steady in your hands, you can even do the depth measurement with a bare bolt or bicycle spoke, as shown in the image at the left. Number of spoke holes in the rim and hub (counting both sides), Rim outside diameter, and depth from that to a spoke hole, and/or, Rim measured circumference and depth from that to spoke holes, Spacing of right hub flange from centerline, Spacing of left spoke flange from centerline. Even armed with the make and model of my hub and rim (the two things that determine what kind of spoke you’ll need) I couldn’t find any resource that told me what replacement spokes I’d need. Voice leading: is it allowed to move from a perfect fifth to an augmented fourth? Track Order The rim shown is a double-wall rim with recessed spoke holes and no eyelets. If the spokes extend into the screwdriver slots when the wheel is under light tension, you can't use a screwdriver for initial light tensioning of the wheel. Why is there a difference between US election result data in different websites? 15 Gauge spokes are 1.8MM or .070" 14 Gauge spokes are 2.0 MM or .078" A 15 Gauge nipple will not start on a 14 Gauge spoke but a 14 Gauge nipple may thread onto a 15 Gauge spoke but it will feel really loose, or it may just slip over the thread. Convert the fraction after the last even inch to a decimal before multiplying: for example, 1/4" is 0.250, so a rim that measures 24 1/4 inches is 24.250 inches in diameter, or rounded to the nearest 1/10 millimeter, 616.0 mm. Steps 2 and 3 in the list above are necessary with recessed spoke holes, because you can't measure the spoking diameter directly. The threads of all four spokes in the image below extend equally far. Insert the bolt. Privacy Policy Shipping Times The depth of the recessed spoke holes is 5mm; twice that is 10mm and so the spoking diameter measures as 508.5mm. Resting the locknut against the edge of a workbench or table makes measurement easier. They should have a range of sizes. With a 36-spoke cross 4 pattern, the spoke holes are 90 degrees away from those in the rim, and the hub spoke hole circle diameter hardly matters at all. I thank Roger Musson for permission to use the photo below, with cross-sectioned spoke nipples. If both flanges are the same distance from the centerline, measure the spacing between the flanges and divide by two. C is the result of the previous formula, as shown by the red line in the image at the right, w is the spacing of the spoking flange from the centerline, as shown by the blue or green line in the image, and. Subtract the thickness of the ruler (here, about 0.5 mm). There's nothing to measure directly there, and that's why a second step is needed. These measurements are not an exact match for the manufacturer's specifications, but are close enough for all practical purposes. Again, if your ruler only measures in inches, you need to convert to millimeters. Here are the steps to measure a rim using the circumference: If you don't have a narrow tape measure, you could wrap a bicycle cable inner wire around the rim, hooking the ferrule into the valve hole. The combination on the left risks breaking the spoke nipple just below the head, because the spoke does not extend up into the head of the nipple. Note that it is NOT the outside diameter of the hub's flange. Coupon and Discount Codes, Cancellation Policy Measure Spoke Diameter. How to stop a toddler (seventeen months old) from hitting and pushing the TV? Is it really necessary to physically cross (interlace) the spokes on traditional wheel lacing? You could cut a C-shaped recess in a piece of cardboard, mark the spoke-hole spacing as shown in the photo at the left, and then measure it with a ruler. Contact Us Then subtract the offset of the spoke holes from the hub flange spacing of the same side as the offset, and add it to the hub flange spacing for the other side. If the spokes of the tensioned wheel protrude from the tops of the nipples and the rim has non-recessed spoke holes, you'll have to file the spoke ends so they don't puncture the inner tube. Spokes will be effectively about 1mm longer when tensioned. The first step is to calculate the length of the third side of a triangle according to the cosine rule formula, To avoid having to remove the rim tape of a built-up wheel, you may measure at the inside of the valve hole, as long as you can see that the spokes rest at the same diameter. The rightmost nipple is threaded on only far enough to conceal the threads of the spoke, risking nipple breakage. A metric tape would make measurement easier, but let's calculate: 29/64 is 0.453125, and so the length measures as 11.435125 inches. Returns NOTE: These sizes have nothing to do with spoke wrench sizes. The tape has a tab at the end. Calculating now, the overlocknut distance is 135mm, as in the manufacturer's specification in the drawing above. You must choose the correct diameter so that it fits your rim, but you may change the width if you like. You can't get a "contact" measurement this way, but inaccuracy of a small fraction of a millimeter isn't going to be important here. Alternatively, you can measure an existing wheel of the same lacing pattern and get reasonably close. A spoke which is too short, or has long threads, will leave threads visible outside the nipple. You can actually calculate spoke length from hub and rim measurements, but that gets really complex. If the hub is very large, as with many electrically-assisted bicycle hub motors, that article will show how to reduce spoke angle at the rim and avoid spoke breakage. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Slide one end of the tape back and forth along the rim until the measurement is largest. Measuring Tension of a Spoke. rev 2020.11.4.37942, The best answers are voted up and rise to the top, Bicycles Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Half that is 67.5mm. Wider tyres are more comfortable. Here's how to do it step by step: W, width from center to flange may differ between left and right sides of the hub. Measure the rim width (W) and divide by two. How is the AP calling Virginia in favor of Biden even though he's behind on the vote count? Multiplying by 25.4 converts to 1629 mm; then dividing by pi, the diameter at the well is 518.5mm. The threads may also reach their limit and bind, so you won't be able to tension the wheel. d is the diameter of the spoke holes in the hub. They are very near the generic ones already given. Also, some hubs and rims have unevenly-spaced spoke holes, but we're not going to discuss them here. You can use an improvised tool, as in the image at the right -- a bolt and nut, and a small metal ruler. π is a single-button function on scientific calculators, carried out to a large number of decimal places, but 3.142 is close enough if you have a four-function calculator or are working on paper. Measure its width at each end and in the middle, because some types of spoke vary their width e.g. Measure the diameter of the spoke using the included spoke diameter gauge. -Stephan. There are manufacturers' specifications and lists of rim and hub dimensions online -- including Damon Rinard's list on this site, BUT, only after you have mostly laced up a wheel will you discover whether spoke length is correct. The Exact Way: The idea is to adjust the hub widths to mimic the rim offset. If you measured in inches, multiply by 25.4 to get the diameter in millimeters. For example, if the left flange of the hub is 35 mm from the centerline, the right flange 20 mm from the centerline and the spoke holes in the rim are offset 3mm to the left, then the effective flange spacing is 32mm on the left and 23mm on the right. Tags: bicycle, This website is a personal resource. are accurate enough, but do check yours against an etched metal ruler -- and the longer the ruler, the better. You don't have to know the formula for spoke length. The dimension in red is the OLD (overlocknut distance), and the dimensions in blue and green are the flange spacings. After entering your hub data into Edd's manual hub entry form ("Enter your own measurements"). It is a very simple thing to do. Usually with a front wheel or the left side of rear wheel, you can go with a typical spacing of 35 mm, and with the right side of a rear wheel that has multiple sprockets, 20 mm.

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