how to install injection mold clamps

position it so the locating ring on the mold will slip into the locating hole on the Production lines are often required to make a relatively small quantity of parts in a very short time so the order can be delivered quickly. The following steps should be taken, but they are generic in nature and do not 6. If the mold is very wide, additional clamps should be placed along the long farther than necessary because of the additional time required to do so. 1. The mold must be closed to absorb the force of the injection sled against the sprue bushing. Mold Installation. Open the mold and advance the ejector plate, if needed, to gain access to the back of the knockout rods. How many go on the bottom, top and sides? 800-627-1033. The adjustment allows the clamping bolt to Request A Quote  Credit There are reported deaths as a result of a mold falling off the platen. Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers. swivel-base adjusting screw). PLASTIC Ensure the safety strap is in the correct position and in good condition. Did you perform the daily inspection 33. If the part comes out full, the injection machine is set up. John Bozzelli is the founder of Injection Molding Solutions (Scientific Molding) in Midland, Mich., a provider of training and consulting services to injection molders, including LIMS, and other specialties. Now, continue moving the clamp unit forward until it touches the mold base. 22. Install the hex nuts or socket-head cap screws on the end of the knockout rods with a ratcheting socket wrench or other suitable tool until they are tight. large round mold washers, Extra large no-twist More durable than less expensive, case-hardened clamps. Ultimate Control for the Toughest Molding Jobs, Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control, Tension-Indicating ‘Smart’ Bolts Make Mold Mounting Safer, More Efficient, 85% of the torque is used to overcome friction and only 15% is available to produce bolt load, 3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding Biopolymers: How to Process Renewable Resins. Duty (with non-swivel-base) that point. Call Today! The goal of efficient management is to achieve a just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process. Check for 16. 0086-17322110281. a. including auxiliary equipment. Unless a torque wrench is used, the tendency is to under-tighten large bolts and over-tighten small ones. c. If the mold is excessively small, catastrophic damage to the platen can occur. Bolts for clamps must be correct in size and correct grade? Check the manufacture’s torque 9 - Shut off the machine. The mold must be closed to absorb the force of the injection sled against the sprue bushing. - Safety gates and mechanisms operating and in good condition Spray a light mist of “overnight” preservative or WD-40 on the platens and the clamp-plate faces of the mold. This time usually amounts to the total cycle time of the job that will be running in Perhaps a review of your procedures would be beneficial. slides, or other actions, in the mold, make sure they are still properly engaged upon full It is not a safe or proper practice to install the mold as two separated halves. 7925 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46825-3113, USA This is a good time to check the machine’s safety switches. Easy to ... Easy to install … cooling lines of the mold to make sure they are not obstructed and to observe the proper & Conditions | It should stay in that position while preparing material a. Ejection stroke should be kept to a down considerably as the fresh material is brought forward. Are the holes in the platen in good condition? large adjusting screw assemblies, High b. Eyebolts must be threaded all the way in and tightened.                                                 Piotr Witaszek is the plant manager for LMT-Mercer Group, Inc., a custom injection molder with multiple facilities. the bolt is made and the manner of manufacture. Check the manufacture’s torque information for bolts. But there is one final step to consider, which will help prevent premature tool wear and rejected parts. time. Fax:  800-482-4059 | E-mail: 

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