how fast is lightning in mach

The speed of sound varies depending on many factors. Source for Mach 100 lightning? Plus he cant beat the Jojo Verse cuz some of them can freeze time. From. Company Limited by Guarantee. How Fast Does Lightning Travel? The step leader that initiates the lightning flash propagates downward from the cloud at a rate of about 320,000 ft per second or about 220,000 miles per hour. It had a wingspan of 34 foot 10 inches (10.6 metres) and when taking off, it weighed 45,750lb which is 20,752kg. To. [1][2][3]. swap units ↺ Amount. By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 4, 2020 2:33:09 PM ET. Relevance. The speed of a bolt of lightning changes slightly with atmospheric variables such as temperature, pressure and humidity. Our full terms & conditions can be found by clicking here. For the distance the character moved we will assume one meter, as that seems reasonable without further information. I can't post picture cause idk how. For a more accurate answer please select 'decimal' from the options above the result. Someone explained it here its actually mach 286. Whilst possessing extreme speed, the plane could also cover a maximum range of 850 miles (1,370 kilometres). What is mach 1 in miles per hour? As such it useful to know how to quantify lightning feats. By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 14, 2020 12:39:22 AM ET. Still the more powerful the bolt is the faster it gets. From. For the purpose of calculating speed feats we use the average lightning speed of 4.4×105 m/s (Mach 1294), which is suggested by this study. This site is owned and maintained by Wight Hat Ltd. ©2003-2020. However are those character legit are they accepted? Lightning that has demonstrated at a minimum a few properties that real lightning has, and significantly less properties that lightning shouldn't have, can be considered real. Ikaros already scales from being far faster than Nymph who is Mach 5800+. swap units ↺ Amount. If not, how fast and if so why does it look as if you can see it’s travels down to the ground? Why a charecter with mediocre hax is one of The Most wanked on this wiki? Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! 1 Answer. The clouds that usually cause thunderstorms build about 200m to 4000m above the ground. - Battles - Comic Vine. But then when i think about it,the reason why the ''only jack sword can kill aku argument'' is false,is that we have no reasons to justify why other weapons cannot do something that jack sword does,there are a lot of weapons more powerful than jack's sword,if you say that the infinity gauntlet cannot erase aku just because ''only jack sword can''that is simply false the infinity gauntlet has the power way beyond that of jack sword,so it doesnt make sense that it cannot erase aku,however it will make perfect sense to say that other characters cannot beat x because only tier 0 being can,after all tier 0 is above everything,so if a character can only be beaten by tier 0 its safe to say that nothing else below can. Therefore lightning is only accepted as such under certain circumstances. It will usually also heat up the air and pass on into the ground where its energy disperses. £25,000 to £35,000 Per Year + plus shift allowance, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom, £23,000 Per Year + Potential for on-site accommodation, Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy, BFBS, Chalfont Grove, Narcot Lane, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TN

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