himalayan snow cox nevada

They flew straight into a cliff and we glassed them for a minute or two before they went out of sight.". ", Chris and Ming had this to say about their sighting. " Here is what they had to report. 26 August 2016 by Brad Bates and James Alt - We were able to observe a Snowcock in the Island Lake Cirque at 5:45am. "I and three friends hiked up to Island Lake in the early afternoon yesterday, 7 Nov 2009. Both parents raise the young. 25 August 2001 by Bill & Andrew Homan - Directly behind and above Island Lake. The photo to the right shows prime Snowcock habitat with very steep terrain and inaccessible ledges. 6 July 2003 by Larry Spradlin & Bill Homan - We saw one group of eight Snowcock between Thomas Peak and Lamoille Canyon and another group of around 8-10 on the back side of Thomas Peak. 16 August 2011 by Ralph Browning - Only one Himalayan Snowcock was observed. 31 May 08 by Bruce Thompson - Bruce saw 5 Snowcock up on Ricco Peak. Watch a Video on Snowcock: Watch a video posted on the American Birding Association site on the catch and release program of the Himalayan Snowcock. Here is what he had to say. Larry said he saw the snowcock move out of the way for a goat. Snow patches were small and few. The next day, following a different strategy, they arrived at Island lake around 5:00 a.m. After setting up the scope by the lake, Thor immediately saw 3 snowcocks, beautifully illuminated by the rising sun on the top of what Thor thought to be Thomas Peak. We started hiking at 11am, and arrived at Island Lake about 12:30. We parked at the Glacier Overlook at 0600 and began climbing toward the cliffs across the road. 25 June 04 by Bruce Thompson - Bruce was able to get another good photo of a snowcock above Griswold Lake. As he hiked up the last steep incline 2 snow cock flew from the west ridge and landed at the base of the cliffs in the upper bowl. But, half of our party did see another Snowcock launch itself from the highest rim of the steepest cliff face to the left at the parking circle. To make this task easier pack your optics and use hiking sticks for the trek above the lake. This is what he had to say. Around 2pm a Mountain Goat wandering near the top edge of the black cliff and caused the Snowcock to move, permitting us to view it in our telescope, which we did for about 20 minutes as it slowly walked, seeing it from all sides. 14 July 09 by Jake Ward - Jake and some friends saw some snowcock by Echo Lake. Spread the word. We hiked up the Lamoille Canyon, Island Lake trail at 4am and positioned ourselves about 500ft above the lake near a few evergreens for cover and waited for the sun to rise. When spotting for snowcock there are two main areas that I search. We had a. August 2002 by Hank Vanderpol of Canada - Hank said he located 8 Snowcock above Island Lake. Our motel room in Elko was not available mid-morning, so we drove another hour to the top of Lamoille Canyon to check the trail, and decided to hike up despite our late start. Fortunately, the early morning trip was not required. They were introduced in the mountains of Nevada in the United States in the 1960s and a wild population has established in the Ruby Mountains. Although snowcock have been seen directly above Island Lake the best area for my money is around Thomas Peak (11,316 ft.) which is to the north of the lake. At about 5:30am we were excited to hear the Snowcocks begin to call from about three locations. National Audubon Society The populations from different areas show variations in the colouration and about five subspecies have been designated. On advice from birder Martin Myers heading downhill, we left the trail just before it crossed the outlet stream near the lake edge. We climbed another 150 ft vertical towards the cliff. We decided to head uphill (very steep) and follow the calls we were hearing. I went up Island Lake Trail in mid-day to scout the trail for a possible walk up around 4 a.m. the next morning. Ricco is the peak to the left of the Power House Picnic Area as you enter the canyon. Sergey Yeliseev/Flickr (CC BY SA NC ND 2.0). They have been noted feeding on the berries of Ephedra, leaves of Artemisia, grass shoots, bulbs and the heads of a rye-like grass. If you are hiking to Island Lake to view these birds I recommend getting into position above Island Lake before first light. It overlaps with the slightly smaller Tibetan snowcock in parts of its wide range. When approached from below their level, they attempt to climb up the slopes on foot and when approached from above they dive down the valleys on open wings. Our party consisted of Kyle Rambo and a party of six others. 7 November 2009 by Ryan O'Donnel - Ryan found some snowcock above Island Lake. Residing above 10,000 feet in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada, these birds seek comfort in the roughest and steepest snow covered peaks. 15 February 2010 by Larry Spradlin & Bill Homan - We where hiking up a chute across the road from Camp Lamoille. A few minutes later I heard cackling (not the elk-like call), and then saw a snowcock flying from somewhere between the right teton and the left side of the black cliff, make an arc toward my position and back to behind the right side of the black cliff. He hiked 1/4 mile up the slope past Island Lake to almost the last group of trees when he heard the birds. They saw 3 snowcock and heard 1 more. Once we arrived at that ledge we found some snowcock tracks in the snow. "When we were heading out of the lake (through the pass to the south) we heard snowcocks back to the east and looked over just in time to catch about a half dozen of them flying across the canyon. Or take action immediately with one of our current campaigns below: The Audubon Bird Guide is a free and complete field guide to more than 800 species of North American birds, right in your pocket. One following your yellow route to the left and one following your orange route to the right. All this seems contrary to advice that sunrise is the time, which requires tripping up the trail in the near darkness of very early morning. 21 Mar 2004 by Larry Spradlin & Bill Homan - We where in Lamoille Canyon a mile past the turn off to the Scout Camp. [17][23][24], Adults are sometimes preyed on by golden eagles. The Himalayan Snowcock frequents high, open, steep mountain slopes, from the tree-line up to the snow-line. The Himalayan Snowcock, successfully introduced to mountains in northern Nevada, provides one of the greatest challenges of any resident bird in North America. We hiked up from the road to around 8200ft. After a little spotting I found it sitting on the edge of a cliff. It was silhouetted on the ridge, looking around, and even scratched the side of its head before going out of view. It’s the least you can do. They keep entirely to open country and seem to prefer rocky hill-sides.

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