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The acting is superlative from everyone with the exception perhaps of Joely Richardson whom I've never "got" anyway - too colourless and divorced from the part. What to Watch FAQ See more John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, GCB, PC (12 April 1792 – 28 July 1840), also known as "Radical Jack" and commonly referred to in Canadian history texts simply as Lord Durham, was a British Whig statesman, colonial administrator, Governor General and high commissioner of British North America. A main task set for him was to investigate the political situation there after the Rebellions of 1837 in Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Quebec) and recommendations as to necessary reforms. TV Series   |  [17] They had two sons and three daughters: Lord Durham died at Cowes on the Isle of Wight in July 1840, aged 48, and was buried at St Mary and St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street.
In the time of Lambton's birth, his father was taking active part in the formation and chairing of the Society of the Friends of the People.

In 1837, he was appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath.
TV-MA Both shows were filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 1821, he earned the epithet 'Jog Along Jack', after being asked what was an adequate income for an English gentleman, and replying, "that a man might jog along comfortably enough on £40,000 a year"[5] (equivalent to approximately £3,900,000 at 2014 values)[6], He supported educational projects such as the Mechanics' Institutes and the newly founded University of London.

Why do I need to enable my cookies on IMDb? French, Georgiana Sarah Elizabeth (2 March 1814 – 3 January 1833), The Hon. It took 10 more years before a responsible parliament was established in the colonies. Charles William (16 January 1818 – 24 September 1831) — see.

11:25am. xyFace(xyface.com) is a picture site sharing movie star photos and movie images. Deadline (Colonial legislatures had existed in the two Canadas since 1791 but were toothless compared to appointed colonial administrators). Great-granddaughter of Jack Mape (born John Mape 1886, died 30 March 1941) and Ada Mape (born Ada Cottrell 1895, died 1961) who married on 5 April 1913. The resulting deadlock between Canada East and West led to a movement for federal rather than unitary government, which resulted in the creation of confederation, a federal state known as the Dominion of Canada, incorporating New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and dividing the United Canadas into two provinces, Ontario (Canada West) and Quebec (Canada East), in 1867.[16]. Portrait of John Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham, George Woodcock, "'Radical Jack': John George Lambton, First Earl of Durham.". I disagree with the approach taken by the other reviewers - it is a DRAMA and never purported to be an accurate historical documentary, so my advice is to understand that first and enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed. [13] One of his tasks as governor general was to investigate the circumstances surrounding the Lower Canada Rebellion of Louis-Joseph Papineau and the Upper Canada Rebellion of William Lyon Mackenzie, which had occurred in 1837. (2017) and Rocky Balboa (2006).

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