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CH 2 and turn. Pattern for the blanket that this border was worked on is called the Pink Petal Stitch Blanket. Blanket Borders, Crochet, Crochet Patterns. Upon returning to the starting row, tie off and use a tapestry needle to sew the ends together and then weave in the end. Then pull through a loop on to the hook. Again you’ll want 1 SC if the rows in your work are equal to single or half double stitches, you’ll need 2 stitches per double crochet and 3 stitches per treble crochet stitch. If you are working with a crochet pattern, use the chain length specified in that pattern. (or you can chain as many as you like to make the border as thin or as thick as you want.) Next, go through the first two stitches at the end of the hook. She has authored four books. First, back the yarn around the hook and go into the next stitch. Yarn over and insert the crochet hook into the stitch. SL ST once into the middle SC and then turn and work fblHDC. This guide shows you how to crochet the HDC stitch and tips for working with half double crochet. As the name suggests, HDC is taller than single crochet but shorter than double crochet. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. It really is that simple. The decrease stitch works over two subsequent stitches to bring the two stitches together at the top into one stitch. After the second row, ch 1 then turn and sc in each st across. I Spy Swap squares and a little Tool Time Tuesday ... How to make a Tea Cozy for Christmas - or any othe... Secret Santa Christmas Swap gifts ready to go! It produces a fairly tight fabric similar to one made with a single crochet stitch: 1 Do 15 chain stitches (ch 15). By  Adrienne, At Beginners who have already mastered single crochet and double crochet would do well to try this stitch next. Half double crochet has a third loop because of the way that it's constructed (when you pull the yarn through all three loops instead of the usual two). To increase, all you do is make an extra half double crochet stitch where you've already made one. You might see it abbreviated as hdc2tog (half double crochet two together) or dec hdc (decrease half double crochet). Sides: Chain 10. August 14, 2012 at 8:22 AM, Click here to return to HookedOnNeedles.com, Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth Video Tutorial, American Girl Doll Sweater and Hat Pattern. SL ST to the next SC on the blanket and the next. Charity Quilt Fabric from Blue Meadow Designs. Oh happy anniversary! so i wanted to follow a video making the half double crochet border, and like blueygh2 said : “when you start the hdc border, you fix the yarn to the first stitch, then you chain 2 before beginning. When you crochet in rows, you begin the row with a turning chain. In half double crochet, chain two for a turning chain. The half double crochet stitch shows up in all different types of projects, so you can use any yarn and any crochet hook to work on HDC. And this is a close up of one of the corners. Half double crochet is a beautiful crochet stitch; it's simple but versatile. That completes the first half double crochet stitch. With the basic half double crochet stitch, you can crochet any HDC pattern that's worked in consistent rows. Many different types of afghan borders are available to use to finish the project, but a simple double crochet will match a double crocheted afghan nicely, even if the afghan was created using a different stitch. Blankets that have uneven or scalloped edges should be left with these decorative details as edging. This means that you have to understand the anatomy of the loops better to make sure that you're correctly crocheting into the front loop or back loop. Yarn over one more time and pull the yarn through all three loops. If you aren't working from a pattern, choose your yarn then look at the yarn label to find out what hook size you need for that yarn. Don't worry; it's easy. People will only notice that trim and you can take all the credit for making such a pretty item. The video uses a large cardigan neck to create a double crochet edge on. To work the first half double crochet into the foundation chain you will crochet into the chain that is three chains away from your hook. These pretty crochet border patterns will make your design look complete and sophisticated. Yarn over and pull through all three loops on hook. © Daisy Farm Crafts 2020. (¸.•´(¸.•´, By  Dô, At (as normal). Sign up for new blog posts and free crochet pattern releases straight to your inbox! Upon returning to the middle SC, SL ST into the middle SC one more time. Half double crochet looks great worked into the back loop only for a ribbed design, but you can also work into the front loop only. Tip: Smooth, worsted weight yarn in a light color is a good choice for learning new crochet stitches. Labels: crochet, crochet border, tutorial, video, posted by Mary Grace McNamara on Wednesday, December 23, 2009. In the third chain from the hook, work 1 half double crochet (HDC). This video demonstrates how to make a double- crochet edge. Yarn over again and pull the yarn through the stitch. Treble crochet (as shown in the photo above) is taller than the stitches used in the granny square and so it really stands out as a more openwork design that captures the eye’s attention. Then turn and work fblHDC back toward the middle single crochet. A slight difference creates a unique third loop and the smaller height. Work 1 front bottom loop HDC (fblHDC) into each of the next 7 stitches. Continue repeating the instructions for the sides and corners. You are so good at explaining and I was especially grateful for the demonstration of how to finish when crocheting. To begin the new row, turn the work, chain two for a turning chain. *Turn the blanket toward you so the row of HDC is facing you. The height of the turning chain depends on the height of the crochet stitch. Upon returning to the third SC that makes the corner, SL ST once. 3 sc in corner stitch to turn. Yarn over and pull through all five loops. Work 1 fblHDC into each of the next 8 stitches. To make it clearer, I also created a video tutorial that will teach you how to crochet a smooth edge for single crochet and half double crochet. It is a foundational crochet stitch and worked similarly to those two basic stitches. Tip: Note that if you were making a double crochet stitch, you would also do this step. Here is the sample complete with the half double crochet border around it. The border adds an appealing finishing touch to the afghan. Slip stitch (SL ST) into the top of the next single crochet on the blanket, and into the next. Make HDC stitches in the next stitch and all the following stitches from the row before. Yarn over and insert hook into the next stitch. Work 1 HDC into each chain for a total of 8 HDC. Thank you so much for such clear instruction. Decreasing is a little different, but still easy. The half double crochet falls in between a single crochet and a double crochet in height, but instead of working off two loops at a time, you draw the yarn through three loops on the hook. If you were making a single crochet stitch, you would not yarn over before inserting the crochet hook. You should now have three loops on the hook. Half double crochet shell stitches make beautiful edging for blankets. (five loops on the hook as shown above). ... and merry Christmas too! ... Then you can whip thru an afghan ,doing it in single or half double stitches( my favorite) and just fancy it up with a pretty trim. Yarn over and pull through. Increasing and Decreasing in Half Double Crochet, Different Ways to Work With Half Double Crochet, Learn the 10 Most Popular Crochet Stitch Patterns, How to Crochet a Triple Treble Stitch (TrTr). MGM, i wanted to request a video so i don’t make any mistake because i m a beginner. Included are: Crochet V-Stitch and Picot Baby Blanket Edging, Easy Baby Blanket Edging, Easy Single Crochet Afghan Edging, Puff Lace Edging, Simple Shell Stitch Blanket Edging, Two-Color Treble Crochet Shell Stitch Edging and a Checkered Afghan Edging. If you are working with a crochet pattern, the pattern will tell you the exact materials needed. It's time to make the first HDC. Take another loop on to the hook. and things are confusing when it comes to working on corner or ending. Round 1: Begin in any corner by pulling up a loop and work 1 single crochet into that same space. You can see how the side edge is uniform because of going into the same hole at the end of the knit rows for each stitch. Work 3 SC into each corner space. By  ozinnz, At Yarn over and insert hook into next stitch. At the end of the round, slip stitch to the beginning SC. Crochet patterns tell you how or where to do this. Working in Different Loops You can change the appearance of a basic stitch like half double crochet by working into only one of the loops instead of into both of them. You can crochet a foundation chain, also known as a starting chain, of any length. The double-crochet technique is easy to master and creates a thicker border than single crochet. Upon returning after working all the corner SC, return to SL ST two times between each row. It is one of the basic crochet stitches that a beginner should master when learning how to crochet. December 24, 2009 at 10:16 AM. Kathryn Vercillo is a dedicated crocheter with over nine years experience writing about crochet. For a video tutorial for the border see below: For more border ideas, look under the menu heading “BORDERS.”. Slip stitch (SL ST) into the top of the next single crochet on the blanket, and into the next. Corners: When approaching the 3 single crochet stitches that make the corner, SL ST once into the first of those single crochets, then turn and work a row of fblHDC. You can change the appearance of a basic stitch like half double crochet by working into only one of the loops instead of into both of them. Half double crochet is just a tad bit taller than single crochet and provides a nice thickness for a single round border. In the last stitch, work under both front loops. For example, to increase at the end of the row, crochet two HDC stitches in the final stitch instead of just the one you would usually work. Yarn over and insert hook into stitch. All Rights Reserved. This collection of lovely crochet borders and edgings by Amy Solovay can be found at The Spruce Crafts too! Work 1 HDC into each chain for a total of 8 HDC. These instructions work for any blanket that is a rectangle or square with straight sides. Yarnspirations shows this technique in their helpful video. But remember, I do highly recommend for you to see my tutorial to get straight edges for all basic crochet stitches first, especially if you are a beginner. In the third chain from the hook, work 1 half double crochet (HDC). (or you can chain as many as you like to make the border as thin or as thick as you want.) Beginners may want to try a worsted weight yarn and size H crochet hook as a good starting point. Repeat from * down the first side. Crochet Front Bottom Loop Half Double Crochet Border. The double crochet adds an attractive thick border. 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