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If GW2 was as bad as some other games you would need to purchase a last generation i7 overclocked to the limits to run a zerg on minimal settings at 30 FPS. These trinkets are unique. Since there is no reward for winning, why does it matter that we have a server at ranked as #1, or #2, or #5? if thats your rank after 700 hours, that indeed explains alot about your threads. Like all modern games they saw that cash flow from the microtransactions and realized they could make the money a much easier and cost effective way. You could just aswell sit and waste supplies repairing walls in Stonemist castle for participation. Legendary … We all know that the only poeple that focus on the "objectives" do it for the PPT and not because they care so much. 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 2 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 4 Seeing 1x T3 Tower, 1x T3 Garri and 1x T3 Keep each defended by 40-50 people who only come out when someone else attacks, mirrored across all maps concurrently, gets old very fast. Sorry but I don’t get all the lag talk. Currently there is little point of winning a matchup in wvw, and it has been for quite along time. For no real reason im going to be a bit defensive... You GPU usually only takes cares of textures and other post processing effects and hardly overloads. NCsoft ArenaNet ©2020 ArenaNet, LLC.

Killing players is never the main objective in every objective-based PvP game but do you really think poeple play MOBA's for the PvE? "The gaggle of Asura tried to agree on whether a phase-shifted thermonuclear energy matrix was sufficiently powerful for a device capable of heating bread". Since Privacy Policy; Legal Documentation

And last Sunday we had 27 fights in 2h in addition to capturing objectives. This progression is shown in detail in the table to the right. Degree of expected fluctuation in World Rating. Engineer- Heat of the Moment Guess which server we had the joyous privilege of fighting each week? Doesnt matter how good your pc is, you wont ever have 130 fps in 3 way fullblob fights, even on low settings, the code is too spaghetti. Are you sure it wasnt 26 fights or maybe 28 fights? Son, people complain about lag and slideshowns on zerg fights since the days of Ultima Online. Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards. Since All rights reserved.

WvW-Belohnungspfade Gefechte • WvW-Gefechts-Pfad Belagerungswaffen • Vorräte Ehrenabzeichen • WvW-Gefecht-Ticket Welt-Erfahrung • Welt-Fähigkeiten. What do you have to butt in? Doing fractals after midnight usually also has a less filled lfg list. . so either one needs complex scoring systems that can make the modes competition based on the knowledge that population will be inbalanced or one needs to completly shift the competitive focus of the game, maybe from matches to single encounters wich would make it more akin to an open pvp mode. Bandit Crests - can be used to purchase rings, accessories, and amulets with Sinister stats, once the corresponding Living World Season 2 achievements have been completed.

Finally after the relink we dropped down to T2, only to place 1st that week, so guess where we ended up after weekly reset..? Degree of expected fluctuation in World Rating. 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 7.453

Since It is quite impossible when i roam on my weaver and get less than 5 fights in 2 hours. yeah thats why WvW achievements are under 'competitive' section and why we have a scoring that adds up towards the end of the week, why we have tiers and even a leaderboard on the frontpage. so basically saying that there is plenty rather new players while the long time players seems to reduce in numbers. but you are not to just run big circles, attack camps that are being protected because they deliver supplies to something that someone wants to upgrade (when stuff is t3 people dont care as much about it anymore) or use the map to locate your opponents, predict their next movements and hunt them down. Poeple don't protect camps at all, even if i predict their movements it is impossible to dismount on most builds. You are very confused, saying: "no one cares about winning the matchup, because there is no reward" and then claiming: "everyone only cares about zerg fights, though there is no reward either", so you want more rewards for zerg fights.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. It is just one way to keep participation up and a few lootbags (well if you accualy win the fight that is), so if your zerg keep getting wiped the enjoyment hits rock bottom. 10/30/20 6:00 PM PST, 3 And I am exploring the game step by step. During the bonus-week we had queues on every border every evening for a few hours. It's boring as kitten since Anet just kitten wall refuses to do something about blobbing. 10/30/20 6:00 PM PST, 7.8284 Hence the reason that reducing the number of visible players and disabling animations are the best to increase FPS in this game mode. The driving force of the decision is if there will be "good fights" in the next weeks matchup. What the f do you want from me? gaggle - /ˈɡaɡ(ə)l/ - noun Anmelden • Tutorial • Bildertutorial Wiki-Portal. Even if i do the taking camps thing, that nets me the less than 5 fights in 3 hours on for example my ele, like i told you. I logged on monday during prime and was getting skill lag that I never experience on any days other than reset night or massive 3 way smc battles.

dunno about NA, but it doesnt seem dead on EU. From here, you can track where you stand compared to other players in PvE, PvP, and WvW. "When you power creep the game and make it so that spam gameplay is nearly as effective as deep knowledge and nuance, the quality of players will decrease." The base value starts at 37 for a level 1 character and increases to a total of 1000 at level 80. WVW - the only dead game mode, where huge red and blue zergs can roll over our keeps and garrisons and face massive battles and siege. Since 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 1 10/30/20 10:03 AM PST, 17.2421

while it gets ruined by population inbalance. Position Servers Previous rating New rating Evolution; 1 st: 12 Yak's Bend-68 380 400 512 … 1. Yesterday evening we had queues on 2 borders for an hour. Thats one of the reasons why a good core processor has always being an important piece of hardware for MMo players. Anet isnt forcing you. They want to make some kills and have cool teamfights. I got 35 of those ranks in the last 2 weeks too btw, while farming tomes of knowledge by capping things. So, regarding my own personal experience, WvW is far from dead. These trinkets are not unique. 10/30/20 10:03 AM PST, 0.617

Since @Ceramix.5419 said: What is this skill called "screenshot" in the chat? The majority of the wvw community as I've seen is mostly focused on fights but currently there is close to no rewards for zerg fighting.

- Anet i thought that screen was about the low ranks. I ran around before though, not camp a camp or something. Like how does any PvP dev justify this mechanic. Screenshot or didnt happen,

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. So they don't feel that impact most of the time. Just another WvW lifer who'll never say die... while dying again and again! Because PvE doesn't need the same level of accuracy as PvP modes. Content updates that add story, rewards & more to the world of GW2, 2.7005

MetaBattle content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. TL;DR - its fun to stomp on t2 but its not fun to be stomped on t1.
", because the rendering pipeline is single threaded in DX9 and as such, even when your screen is full and FPS are tanking, your CPU is probably under half load, mine a 5Ghz 9900k sits around 20%. Instead the servers and links should be matched against each other on a rotating bases, working to avoid the same servers meeting up week after week after week. as for this thread here, anet tries to sell WvW as a competitive mode with all the scorings, tiers, winning skirmishes and matchups etc. Since Just like happens in EVERY, and I mean, EVERY MMoRPG war game mode. the mount has issues but getting encounters is not one of them, use the map and find your prey. WvW is dead if you compare it to core gw2 or even HoT. Since Some people complain about lag and slideshowns on zerg fights since the days of Ultima Online. Elementalist- Sound of Silence, I run around on my sword weaver for hours and get barely anything unless i get the jump on someone taking a close camp. From here, you can track where you stand compared to other players in PvE, PvP, and WvW. These trinkets are not unique. However, even with great FPS, you can have massive skill lag, which is server side, not client side. Since Necromancer- Thriller Since If it were even remotely easy to build a game mode like this, it would be in other MMOs. Also like i said i got 30 of those levels recently while ktraining for tomes of knowledge lol, and 20 ish before that must also be from warclaw day. I like to roam around in the open while right now i am actually forced to camp a camp or something to even get a fight on my nonranger. Just asking because maybe thats the difference between WvW being dead or alive. Aktualisiert 30/10/20 19:03 CET | Nächste Aktualisierung 6/11/20 19:03 CET. GW2 actually handles it very well. Maybe the Canadian connection to the US is just in a sorry state.

once you see killing an opponent as only one of multiple ways to fight them in the match, you will get into much more encounters as you dont just blindly chase every opponent, you basically will naturally run into them. No expansion money as long as Mesmers are trash. Seriously? Since

The game is just very frustrating as is right now, just countless toxic situations that make zero sense for a PvP mode like the one in the screenshot where i introduce my friend to the game and got them their gear, they get excited they did 50% of a mounts HP then realise it is BS balance and get really turned off by the mode. DX 9 was released in 2002 for windows 98 and XP, let that sink in.... DX10 was out long before development of GW2 even started, and DX10 was end of life when GW2 was released and by that time DX11 was only a year out from being end of life as well with DX12 right around the corner. 10/30/20 10:03 AM PST, 0.617 Since Seriously?" 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 5.5708

It is a persistant non-instanced map which you can freely join and leave.

What is wrong with just wanting to play for the PvP? Since GW2Wiki enthält momentan 57.634 Artikel Goldenes Wiki • Jetzt mitmachen! Content updates that add story, rewards & more to the world of GW2. Server meetings often include if we wanna stay or move from the current tier. Since 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 5.5708 1 Since What's the problem here when it is valid PvP? i have 50v50v50's on 60fps, and comparing it to other games its alot better. No they dont. Back in the days of Lineage II, Ultima Online, WoW and even GW, it was pretty common for active players of war-style PvP modes (anything that involves a lot of players) to overclock the CPU to increase FPS. Some recent Battle Royalle games doesn't suffer from this problem because its rare to have too many players at the same spot in those giant BR maps. Then dont roam on your obviously meh weaver. And last Sunday we had 27 fights in 2h in addition to capturing objectives. Since In GW2 WvW, there can be hundreds of players at the same place at big wars. @Anput.4620 said: 10/30/20 10:00 AM PST, 1 Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards. Just accept it. when you think of it, once you finish all the PvE content and get most of the gear you wanted, what would you do (the same repetitive thing where everything is predictable aka.

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