gw2 thunderhead peaks dwarven catacombs

I did it on my Necro. function eventsGenerator(eventData, metaSequence) { timeshiftresume: "Live update paused - click here to resume", '.event-bar-segment.' name: "The Desolation", segments: { This allows the timer to be used on pages with currently unavailable content via the zone parameter. 0: { name: "", bg: [138,234,244] }, Find the gate to your corresponding plate (i.e. ); e: v.e ... improved the fps of another MMO up to +50%. partial: [], .append($(document.createElement("legend")).text(uitext.legendname)); display: -moz-box; /* OLD - Firefox 19- (buggy but mostly works) */ if (zoneParameter !== '') { 9: { name: "Svanir Shaman Chief", link: "Kill the Svanir shaman chief to break his control over the ice elemental", chatlink: "[&BMIDAAA=]", bg: [138,234,244] }, It may be easier for you to have another player with you that can aggro a normal Branded and then run back down the tunnel to keep it alive until you can lure the Veteran Ogre into a circle and kill it. You can acquire the Deldrimor Plate components from the meta events once per day. } dn: { ", + metaKey + k + ' { background: rgb(' +',') + ') }', r = 2; // Special case: Dragon's Stand future return x; // If the timer was reloaded via apply, or scrolled, reset event content and timers, otherwise its the first run and we need to create the preferences user interface. ", } It can happen that Aurene will kill your veteran at wrong crystal then you want. '0' : '') + s; I got to chest 2 without the Bond of Faith. Talk to Exalted Wasmaa to trigger the spawn. var now = new Date(); cl: ' future' // Do the work .event-bar-container h3, .event-bar-container h4 { You need to avoid both the orange circles and the wing slam attack from Aurene while standing in Aurene’s circle until she completes absorbing the magic. }, // ** The Icebrood Saga ** Need access to the area when the Thunderhead Keep meta opens up at xx:45 every other hour. $('.event-pointer-time').css('right', '0px'); margin-left: -2px; Use a spider to get to below 10%. // Segment event name and link } // ** Living World Season 3 ** applysettings: "Apply settings", You need to defend both barricades through three waves of branded attacks without letting any of the barricades get down to 0 HP. return metas; category: "Path of Fire", pattern: [{r:1,d:15},{r:0,d:13},{r:2,d:22},{r:0,d:5},{r:3,d:20},{r:0,d:15},{r:4,d:15},{r:0,d:15}] }); background: linear-gradient(90deg, rgb(233, 233, 233), rgb(255,255,255) 40% ); }, if (lastVersion != version) { Important note for the Hydra Rodeo cos I can see a few people say they lasso’d and didn’t get credit. Pretty easy to get to, just above the water. update: function() { var lastVersion = getEventTimerPreferences('version', '0'); Thank you, that last one I missed for meta. function addCheckbox(keyname, desc, hoverdesc, defaultvalue) { setEventTimerPreferences('sequence',eventAbbrs,defaultSequence); if (current === pageName) { refinedSchedule.push({ The one on the right seems to be the one that jumps into the basket and after a second gives you the achieve. The correct pattern for each zephyrite is noted below.

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