garrett tpe331 overhaul cost

To help provide maintenance including 100 Hour, Annual, Phase, Special Inspections for Garrett Powered Aircraft and all General Aviation Aircraft under 12,500 lbs. I’ve been window shopping around for TPE331’s recently and you pay roughly around $30/hr for a Garrett with time left on it (except the -10, as they’re more desirable). You’d never see a TBM or a PC-12 rented for that cost. All Rights Reserved. We work on your schedule, not ours. TPE331-10 Conversion. © 2020 Endeavor Business Media, LLC. Early subscribers can lock in 2012 pricing, which matches the rates for commercial operators, and may see that price drop even further, to as low as $173,500,” Ahrens added. S. S. White Technologies Flexible Rotary Shaft On Honeywell Aerospace’s Engine Air Turbine Starter As GE9X Achieves Guinness World Record. We spoke to some independent third-party turboprop engine maintenance engineers who pointed out that there is an additional cost with the TPE311, which is that prior to the engine overhaul there needs to be a hot section inspection that cannot be done on wing. Actually, Walter M601 (now GE) may be even cheaper to run. provides a Professional and Economical solution for all your TPE331 needs. Aircraft MaintenanceHoneywell TPE331 RepairPratt and Whitney PT6 RepairMobile MaintenanceMT Propeller Sales and Field Support, CAPABILITIES LISTWorldwide 24/7 AOG Service, Hancock Enterprises, Inc.All Rights ReservedCopyright, Engine Repair Facility3656 Central PikeHermitage, TN 37076(map), Airframe FacilityHanger 624 Fitzhugh BlvdSmyrna, TN 37167, MQY(map), TPE331 & PT6 Engine Overhauls & Maintenance. Customers can contact Chad Ahrens at for a complimentary analysis of their engines and to see how a Propulsion International GMP solution may benefit their operation. The pricing is based on a minimum of 75 hours of operation for each engine each year. Ahrens said a Honeywell TPE331-10 overhaul typically costs $210,000 to $230,000 and carries “a lot of uncertainty. To help provide maintenance including 100 Hour, Annual, Phase, Special Inspections for Garrett Powered Aircraft and all General Aviation Aircraft under 12,500 lbs. Pratt & Whitney announced it has launched Know My PT6 – a data-rich mobile app to help its customers around the world optimize the performance and availability of their PT6-powered aircraft. The views and opinions of originators and contributors expressed on this site are their own. None that I can think of. Which brings on a broader question – if there was no cost penalty for having a twin, wouldn’t you want that extra safety? National Aerospace Group can support to provides a Professional and Economical solution for all your TPE331 needs. Garrett, starting its development work later, would have obviously had the benefit of foresight. These are the words most often associated with StandardAero. If you want to learn more about the differences between the TPE331 versus the PT6, here is another interesting online video that was recently posted. Each completed engine undergoes a full operational check prior to shipment. I could answer that from a personal perspective: If everybody did their PPL in a twin, or had an old ME Rating, much of the above would go away. Kritchlow Final Approach. Quality. Reliability. With Garrett’s they can make that work. Cost of a single engine overhaul on a PT6 and a TPE331 is about the same, they say, adding that the PT6 engine overhaul will cost slightly more because the engine has more accessories. The Series I/II Pre-Century Engines -- 1965 The original production TPE331-25, -43, -51,-63 etc. A PC-12 burns about 66gal/hr, a Turbo Commander about 58gal/hr. Honeywell Aerospace - TPE331. “Business and regional airline operators can experience ongoing savings of 15 to 20 percent below T&M maintenance cost,” he concluded. This will show you the condition of your engine and can be performed either at your facility or ours. Avant Aerospace Announces New Sales Programs, Putting the Power of the PT6 Engine in the Palm of Your Hand. 2 Parts Supplier Globally, Professional Aviation Retains National Airways Corporation as a Distributor, Delta Airlines Installs Two RPI Turbine Rotor Assembly Systems, Omaha Airplane Supply Announces New Sales Representative, CF34-10A Powered ARJ21 Successfully Completed Genghis Khan Airlines' First Flight. These are the words most often associated with StandardAero. Can it do the same missions, yes. Walters should be even cheaper (not in fuel, but in everything else) like UN said. We at Hancock Enterprises, Inc. understand that time is money and we offer a 24/7 AOG service to help aid in getting your aircraft back up and running as soon as possible. All articles on this website are intended for informative purposes only. GKN Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney Sign Agreement for F135 Engine Components. All rights reserved. Lycoming Engines Introduces Electronic Ignition System. The TPE331, meanwhile, is on the Dornier 228 and CASA 212. £30 for a TB20 or £150 for a KA90), fuel burn is higher (a big item in Europe), you need to be current for a twin, otherwise an EFATO will kill you pretty quick, EASA threatened to put EU-based “complex” (in this context, ME TPs or jets) under Part M even if N-reg Part 91. A new diesel engine - EPS (Engineered Propulsion Systems) and the Graflight V8 diesel, have to re-do my FAA PPL into a ME PPL – let’s not get too far into the issues of a DPE checkride in Europe, have to re-do my FAA IR into a ME IR – let’s not get too far into the issues of a DPE checkride in Europe, all twins are bigger than singles; I doubt I could hangar even a DA42 where I am, let alone a King Air, I don’t want to do another checkride for as long as I live – I am sick of tests and more tests, and that’s before I start counting up the approx 20 written exams, you can get sub-2000kg TP SEPs but there are no sub-2000kg TP twins, which translates to a fair bit of € in IFR route charges, landing fees are higher (many airports here have very steep pricing structures e.g. The Honeywell TPE331 (military designation: T76) is a turboprop engine. Garrett TFE731 GE CF34-3A PW JT15D Thank You StarCheck, Nov 23, 2017 #1. You’ll pay exactly the same as if you’d had a TBM, maybe even less. Value. For smaller turboprop aircraft there has traditionally between two choices – the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 and the Honeywell TPE331. I doubt even an old Caravan would rent for that. You got me…I just looked up my research from a few years ago when I was considering Turbo Commanders and you’re right. This thread is locked. Probably will change now that Honeywell own them and they’re getting westernized. “It’s going to cost twice as much”, “landing fee’s will be much higher”. I do hope the Kestrel gets to market – the world needs a single engine alternative to the PT6 dominance. Aircraft Propulsion Leasing offers a wide variety of turboprop engines (including the Honeywell TPE331 and Pratt and Whitney PT6) for a number of different regional turboprop airliners and General Aviation Aircraft. Why are people so hell bent on staying single engine, when it actually costs them more? The Lycoming EIS is a drop in capable replacement for magnetos and provides easy installation and engine startability. No, not if you chose an aircraft with a Garrett power plant, that is. No, not if you chose an aircraft with a Garrett power plant, that is. In the case of the TPE331, this meant the single shaft design. Philippines Opens New Airport in Bohol Province, Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority: 'Outstanding Airspace Issues' to Be Resolved Before Firefly Can Operate. It was originally designed in the 1950s by Garrett AiResearch, and produced since 1999 by Honeywell Aerospace.The engines power output ranges from 575 to 1,650 shaft horsepower (429 to 1,230 kW). Colorado Springs, CO -- September 12, 2012 — Propulsion International (PI), providers of low cost turbine engine maintenance for Honeywell TPE 331 turboprop engines through its Group Maintenance Plan (GMP), is setting a new standard for engine overhaul pricing by offering an MX Cap Not-to-Exceed price for overhauls. Having a more powerful engine helps you to take off from shorter runways and it means the aircraft can carry more cargo and passengers. You’ll see that the TPE331-powered aircraft takes off quicker and ascends faster. The video talks about the differences between the two engines and the relative pros and cons. We also offer Borescope Inspections for both Honeywell TPE331 and Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines. Controversial? Our Fuel Nozzle Overhaul and Exchange Program for both Pratt and Whitney PT6 and Honeywell TPE331, that will help get you back up and running faster with a quicker turn around time if time is a factor for you. Overall, the TPE331 is a more powerful and fuel-efficient engine and one that is cheaper to maintain. Depending on the work scope, we are equipped to perform with our Computer-based Recompensation Equipment. The TC will be faster, too. The PT6 is a two-shaft engine whereas the TPE331 has a single shaft design, which means the propeller, compressor and turbine are all interconnected and turn. Add to this the 5000hr/2500hr HSI or 5400hr TBO/1800hr HSI (depending on what engine plan you’re on) interval, 20-30% less fuel burn compared to the PT6’s and the Garrett’s are hard to beat financially. Controversial? Honeywell says the TPE331 has a 10-15% lower fuel burn than the PT6. Every care has been taken to ensure accuracy but the editorial team assumes no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions arising thereof. Here’s a video showing two Cessna Caravan floatplanes. Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, PW100 & PW150A, Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management Upgrade, Engine Inspections and Repair Services (TPE331-1 through -14), Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance (CAM) Inspections, Abnormal Deceleration Inspection (Prop Strike), Dynamometer Engine Testing with Dynamic NTS System Measurement, Honeywell Authorized Heavy Maintenance Service Center.

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