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Although the Horde successfully conquered the night elven lands, Varok Saurfang had failed to kill Malfurion Stormrage, which Sylvanas believed was integral to killing the Alliance's defiant spirit. [36], The Forsaken were strongly discouraged from revisiting places they had loved in life. Why do you not channel the Light in battle, if you seek redemption?" Generate a name from all races or specific ones like Dwarf, Gnome, Human, NightElf, Orc, Tauren, Troll and Undead. The Forsaken generally eat only to survive and take alcohol moderatly. Since their independence from the Scourge, the Forsaken have created different military organizations: They also include different types of undead and units within their ranks: Abominations mostly serve the role of soldiers and guards, though there are exceptions to this. A hatred of the Scourge and the Lich King is something that all (or very nearly all) of the Forsaken share. Apparently, as military top officers, they also have medium-control over members of the Deathstalkers that are working in their area of influence. Both males and females have a variety of decomposing figures. The result was that many undead under the Lich King's mental domination had their conscious will restored. Despite this, they have been known to create alcoholic drinks. If your server is full of Roleplayers, you could even start wandering around Undead MOBS and start trying to "wake them up" keep in mind that this is just a starting point. Necromantic magic keeps them somewhat preserved, but natural decay still proceeds, just slower than normal. And an old, maggot-riddled stomach probably wouldn't mind a rotting Tauren eye or two (though be careful who you have as dinner guests if this is on the menu). During the Fourth War, Sylvanas would employ extreme tactics such as raising Derek Proudmoore into undeath and depriving him of free will to use as a weapon against the Alliance. [citation needed]  It is also a philosophy of divine humanism. While some Forsaken feared Sylvanas, others valued the security she provided. 1: Grabs 3 and shoves her onto the floor and aims his sword at her. [111] Some take comfort from the happy memories they experienced when they were alive[116] or the bonds they've developed, as demonstrated by the Gathering. Forsaken "ambassador" is Captain Fennick, , and he can change orcish garrison guards to Frostwall Deathguards. daym="0"+daym For one: the complete conquest of Lordaeron. The Undercity has inns, forges, and businesses that cater not only to the undead, but visitors from the Horde, with whom the Forsaken have allied themselves. It may differ from individual to individual, as a banshee cannot be expected to have the exact same biological properties as a skeleton. Alliance players flood in and hack up the Horde. Priests of the Forgotten Shadow teach that there must be a balance between Light and Shadow, and while they should never forget that they are from the Shadow, members of the cult must learn the Light as well. [31] They bleed this green liquid when wounded,[85] though some Forsaken have no blood or liquid running through their bodies at all. He explored Admiral Taylor's Garrison and later joined the Garrison Commander as a follower. [17] After they had proved themselves to the queen, the Blightcaller tasked Forsaken members with killing the beast that had taken his life, retrieving a document pertaining to both his and the banshee queen's time as living comrades from a lodge of exiled elves, and assaulting the Scarlet Crusade's primary power-base in Lordaeron. 2.4 The Burning Crusade. [123] Priests of the Forgotten Shadow believe that the faiths they held in life have failed them, and so they instead rely on the power and teachings of the Shadow. Sylvanas barely escaped with her life and her loyalists, and the Forsaken were taken in by Thrall while they planned their next move. Some Forsaken forgot how to speak Common after being raised back from their graves.[62]. It is unknown what purpose food serves to the Forsaken other than recreation. Forsaken Blightspreaders are mad scientists who as their name implies, spread the Forsaken blight. Dumass is perhaps the most extreme case of how the process can strip away rational thought and intelligence. Others don't even remember their time as a mindless slave of the Scourge and so bear no emotional trauma from it at all. [43][46] While it is possible for them to use or be healed by the Light to its full effect like any living humanoid, it is accompanied by intense pain, making it require notable willpower to suffer through. On the other hand, others do not react so positively. The Forsaken appear to be more or less loyal to the Horde,[54][55][56] but still have their own machinations. Female names: Yellen, Limmy, Sarias, Mierelle. The most known emotions that the undead seem to emote are remorse, pity,[114] or rage. Together with the sin'dorei, a regiment of Forsaken troops assisted their elven allies in reclaiming much of the Ghostlands, including the town of Tranquillien. [35], Each Forsaken member follow their queen for various reasons: fear, loyalty, no where else to go. While Sylvanas is now shown to cooperate with the High King of the Alliance, old hatred with the worgen will escalate in Stormheim. [65] Some abominations have risen as high as the rank of sergeant.[66]. The Cult of Forgotten Shadow is largely based out of Deathknell and the warrior quarter in Undercity. Though the Undercity had been restored to its rightful masters, the repercussions of the Wrathgate have hounded the Forsaken relentlessly. While Forsaken create undead, they do so with respect to the souls and bodies they use. Thus the Horde instigated the War of the Thorns to sow discord among the Alliance and coerce the Alliance into submission. For years this blighted area has been home to Queen Sylvanas and her Forsaken, as well as the remaining vestiges of the Scarlet Crusade. [96], All Forsaken are capable of eating, but not all Forsaken have a necessity to feed. After the Lich King's death, a number of the more intelligent former Scourge members were accepted into the Forsaken's ranks by Queen Sylvanas. Forsaken treat each other with a measure of respect, as it takes a strong soul to rise, and a stronger soul to not fall to mindless undeath (more on this later). [64], It seems that Magatha Grimtotem wanted to help the Forsaken. Now, along with being mistrusted by her own allies, Sylvanas recognizes that many of Azeroth's other inhabitants still see her people as a threat, even after the Lich King's defeat. These sources of light are not merely there to serve the living; though the undead have no true need of light, it perhaps gives Undercity's chief inhabitants a facade of some other existence. Forsaken mainly use skeletal horses as ground mounts and bats as flying mounts. Others retain just enough humanity to seem normal on the outside... but they're sick inside.[110]. They seem to perform different tasks of military and civil nature, like commanders, lieutenants, captains or even region governors and city magistrates.

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