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Removing stains from flagstone is a must. California Privacy, This flagstone patio was remodeled by R.K. Barker for Angie's List member Lynda M. (Photo Courtesy of Lynda M.). amzn_assoc_placement="adunit0"; Flagstone prices range between $15 to $20 per square foot for both materials and labor. Was this price too high? The CDC recommends it is more important than ever to get a flu shot this year. FAQ | Sealant averages. A typical 230-square-foot walkway costs about $1,800 to $2,200 (This doesn’t include the demolition of an existing walkway). It's a good idea to have the furnace checked in the fall, before you need it. This price includes the base material, mortar and labor. Be somewhat wary of a flat per-square-foot price quoted over the telephone; there are so many factors that can affect the cost, a contractor typically needs to see the site before giving a firm quote. The average cost for the stone alone runs along $2 to $3 per square foot . Common colors include blue, red and rarer exotic colors. Sealant averages. Many types of stone can be called flagstone, including slate, sandstone, bluestone, fieldstone, limestone and more. Privacy Policy | A: The cost per square is basically the same on either Select Thin or Select Regular Flagstone in Standard colors. The AZ Flagstone Supply company, located in Sedona, Arizona, lists its prices on its website. It is most commonly used for walkways, driveways and patios. For this reason, many contractors will order 25 percent more material than your project calls for to ensure that they have enough material. Its hardiness makes it suitable for high-traffic areas. The installation process will vary depending on the specific project. The Landscaping Network says the national average to have flagstone installed can be in the $15 to $20 per square foot range. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. In this instance, it’s best to call a professional to find out why so many cracks are happening. Flagstone driveways often look very attractive and appealing even from a distance. Find your local Angie's List of Landscaping, Hardscaping and Paving Companies here to locate a qualified pro that will create a beautiful walkway or patio floor for your home. Cleaning and sealing should be part of a regular maintenance routine. The minimum cost of flagstone is $2 per square foot (or $150 per ton) The maximum cost of flagstone is $5 per square foot (or $900 per ton) One ton of flagstone covers between 100sf and 300sf, depending on the thickness; Bear in mind, this is just the cost of flagstone and does not include joint filler, such as gravel, or installation costs (if you hire a contractor). Bluestone, if it were to be shipped from Connecticut, for example, would be quite costly if it had to be shipped to Utah. local Angie's List of Landscaping, Hardscaping and Paving Companies here, Quartzite (a harder variant of sandstone that comes in different colors and patterns) costs about $550 per ton, Limestone (commonly found in aquatic environments, limestone can be polished to be used for various indoor applications) costs about $600 per ton, Slate, another attractive variant of sandstone, costs about $580 per ton. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase="flagstone"; Flagstone is not maintenance-free. Generally with the Patio Stone there will be 4-5 pieces of stone per layer. How Much Does It Cost to Install a Patio? It’s also a good idea to inspect the surrounding stones. About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Copyright © 2020 | Proudly affiliated with the T2 Web Network, LLC The information contained on this website is intended as an educational aid only and is not intended as medical and/or legal advice. It is most often found most in old riverbeds. Of course, the various colors and styles can set the mood for an enjoyable outdoor living space in any climate. Flagstones are typically large and heavy, so generally at least two people are needed to lay a flagstone patio. 10 Reasons to Shop Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28. pd $5120 for landscaper labor/materials for 280-290 s.f patio. If priced by the ton, which is just as common as pricing per square foot, then the costs can be in the $120 to $750+ range, depending on the type of flagstone and where you purchase it from. Found in Okalhoma, Idaho and parts of Utah. LandscapingNetwork.com provides a comparison chart, Many contractors recommend sealing outdoor flagstone to preserve the stone and give it a more colorful "wet" look. (Photo Courtesy of Angie's List Member), Minnesota Family Enjoys New Paver Patio, Pool and Firepit. Flagstone is a collective term that refers to many different types of sandstone. Your contractor may ask some questions about the initial work. One gallon, on average, will cost close to $25 and can cover about 150 square feet. Even when taken from the same quarry, it will not necessarily match the same stone from a deeper level or slightly different area. The thicknesses, ranging from one to three inches, can start at $120 per ton. Our writers are experienced journalists who adhere to our strict, Many types of stone can be called flagstone, including slate, sandstone, bluestone, fieldstone or limestone. This sedimentary rock is split into layers along the bedding planes and is a form of sandstone. Do-it-yourself installation is a money-saving option with flagstone, particularly for simple dry-set patios or walkways. Each job will depend on the contractor you use, the type of flagstone, the job site and the factors mentioned below. However, additional cost of the installation process can vary on the foundation you use to support the stone. How Much Does it Cost to Build an Addition? Select or Standup Grade: This size flagstone is the top choice for outdoor living areas, pool and spa decking and entertainment area surfaces, patio, and large pathway construction. This overage is also helpful in the event that some pieces break or chip. Typical widths are 1" minus, 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3". Flagstone is irregular in shape and it must be pieced together into a mosaic. Learn what questions to ask when hiring a paver patio installation contractor. The CDC recommends it is more important than ever to get a flu shot this year.

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