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Domain is not supported in Neverwinter Nights. within range must make Charisma saving throws. The stat block may be quite complicated to run although I think that if you grasp the essential theme it becomes intuitive. Tall, sharpened cornered stone structures featuring towers adorned with large spikes and thin windows, most Banite churches suggest the architecture of fortified keeps or small castles. Any other enemy within 40 yards that also has a static charge, will take damage if said monster takes damage. On midwinter night of 1372 DR, Xvim burst in a conflagration of diabolical green light.

Alignment: Lawful evil, neutral evil, or lawful neutral. Bane (bain) the Lord of Darkness, has conquered death itself, returning to the world to give dark inspiration to a thousand intrigues, to foment fear and hatred in civilized lands, and to reassure the common mortal that tyranny, through it may suffer occasional defeat, will never die. The pair stole the Tablets of Fate, inscribed by Lord Ao to outline the roles of the deities of Toril. This bonus lasts for 4 rounds plus the Fist's level. Frightful Presence: When a Fist of Hextor reaches 3rd level, he gains the extraordinary ability to instill fear in others as a free action once per day. Bane orders his clerics and followers to achieve positions of power within their society, either through force or trickery, and to use that power to further the cause of hate, fear, destruction, and strife. One of the best things about 3.5E's Miniatures Handbook was that it introduced the concept of divine aspects - significantly (!!!) The Fist of Eternal Malachite. Fist of Bane [ Poing de Baine] Medium humanoid (human), lawful evil. The three villains adventured across the breadth of Faerûn, defeated countless foes, slew one of the Seven Lost Gods, and traveled throughout the Lower Planes before achieving that goal. Chosen of Bane template appears in Faiths and Pantheons. The Black Hand much prefers that his clerics subvert governments and carry out their agendas under the cover of the rule of law, but he tolerates a limited amount of discord and debauchery. 3.xE went a large way toward fixing that but, in the end, it became time consuming to make interesting stat blocks.

Sword and Fist: A Guidebook to Monks and Fighters.

The Fist may boost his Strength one additional time per day for every three levels above 2nd. Whenever a target that fails this saving throw makes an attack roll or a saving throw before the spell ends, the target must roll a d4 and subtract the number rolled from the attack roll or saving throw. Though possessed of an unforgiving wrath when aroused, Bane is slow to anger, existing in a perpetual stat of controlled burn. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Those who succeed at a Will saving throw are merely shaken. The Warhammer of Tyr is stolen by Bane. This bonus lasts for 4 rounds plus the Fist's level. Finder informed him that the ritual would work only by a mortal, not a banelich. He has no tolerance for failure and seldom thinks twice about submitting even a loyal servant to rigorous tortures to ensure complete obedience to his demanding, regimented doctrine. When you cast this spell using Bane's priests either converted to one of the two new deities or were killed, and it seemed that all traces of the Dead Three were gone from the Faerûnian Pantheon.
lower CR versions of divine avatars that were also easy to run.

With the help of his remaining high priestess Walinda, Bane cheated Finder of half of Finder's Stone,[7] where Finder had stored a large portion of his godly power. Look up D&D 5th edition monsters by different criteria, including role.

Agents of weal and freedom breathed easier in those days, knowing the Toril was rid of perhaps its greatest menace.

the target must roll a D4 and subtract the number rolled

Up to three creatures of your choice that you can see Strength Boost: Staring at 2nd level, the Fist can call upon Hextor for a +4 Strength bonus once per day.

Actions: Mace.

For a time, it looked as if the world was rid of the Black Hand, as his portfolio was divided among the newly-ascendant god Cyric and Iyachtu Xvim, Bane's half-demonic son. Those who let down their guard, however, did so rashly, and far too soon. Thin interior passageways lead from an austere foyer to barracks like common chambers for the lay clergy, each sparsely decorated with tapestries depicting the symbol of Bane or inscribed with embroidered passages from important religious texts. I agree that if you're a Cleric bless is very good, but lowering their Saving Throws and Attack Rolls is super helpful as a Bard.

The formerly fractious Banites have made common cause in vicious pogroms against those clerics who turned to Cyric after Bane's "death" and who have not returned to the fold; their increased cooperation can only lead to foul tidings for the rest of Faerûn.

Jergal proposed that they solve this problem by bowling skulls of his liches. The church's goals are simple—convert all to the worship of Bane, and destroy those who do not convert. You must declare where the bonus applies at the start of your action.

Every action, the Fist may add this bonus either to one attack roll or one damage roll, but not both. Phlan was a large town located on the northern shoreline of the Moonsea at the mouth of the Stojanow river. Over the length and breadth of the Realms they strode, seeking powerful magic and spells and defying death at every turn. Knowledge (religion) Of course, once your hill giant is reduced to an 8th-level brute, the other humanoids - such as orcs, ogres and trolls, also need to be reduced in level as well. You can also make and use your own homebrew. Updated Dynamic Lighting now does as much and even more than our legacy system! It seemed the Black Lord's ceaseless ambition had at last led to his destruction. [5][6] The Heroes of Phlan, who vanquished Tyranthraxus a decade earlier, foil the plot and the cities are returned. Before the Time of Troubles, Bane's church was riven by internecine strife, divided into the Orthodox sect (commanded primarily by clerics) and the Transformed church (dominated by wizards). Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 1st.
Submit to the word of Bane as uttered by his ranking clergy, since true power can only be gained through service to him. I've been meaning for a while to create more stat blocks to bring the levels of 4E monsters into line with their hit dice in 1E or 2E. Frightful Presence: When a Fist of Hextor reaches 3rd level, he gains the extraordinary ability to instill fear in others as a free action once per day. The twisted halls of Zhentil Keep echo with malign invocations chanted in shadowy temples though Faerûn. from the attack roll or saving throw. Fists of Hextor are templars sworn to the service of their unforgiving master. However, even complete control over strife was not enough for Bane, whose desire for supremacy led him, in 1358 DR, to once again team with Myrkul. This thread is ported from here.


This precipitated the calamitous Time of Troubles, during which Bane was slain by Torm the True in a furious battle in the harbor of Tantras. Spread the dark fear of Bane. Those associated with the Cult of the Dragon often multiclass as wearers of Purple. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The twisted halls of Zhentil Keep echo with malign invocations chanted in shadowy temples though Faerûn. Jergal, all powerful to the point that he had long ago wished to step down the throne, asked: "Who among you shall rule? Bane still affects creatures that are immune to most of the Bard's early tricks, (Undead, elves immune to charm and sleep etc.) Roll20 uses cookies to improve your experience on our site. [8] Upon his return, Bane claimed the portfolio of fear and hatred, immediately became a greater power. Despite the lack of a temple in Phlan, the faith of Bane remains strong among the Black Fist. The Fist may boost his Strength one additional time per day for every three levels above 2nd. Temples frequently include an exposed central courtyard used for military drills and open air ceremonies, as well as a more traditional mass hall for the congregation at large. The Order of the Black Fist was formerly a religious order dedicated to Bane. His long dormancy seems to have cleared his mind on this matter, however, as he has acted personally to eradicate these divisions, even going so far as to name Fzoul Chembryl, the ruler of Zhentil Keep, as his personal Chosen Tyrant and infallible mortal representative. When news of Bane's destruction during the Time of Troubles made its way throughout Faerûn, no fewer then twenty-seven nations declared national festivals of celebration and thanksgiving. Canny nobles glimpse the truest threat, that some of their peers pay homage to the Black Lord to gain through guile and subterfuge what soldiers cannot conquer by force.

Banes' temples tend to reflect the clergy's regimented doctrines. Clerics of Bane pray for spells at midnight. The ability has a range of 5 feet per level. On Social Media: Roll20® is a Registered Trademark of The Orr Group, LLC. It's an area where 4E is simply so much superior to the pre-3.xE versions of D&D which largely relied on the ability of the DM to vary his descriptions. Rites include drumming, chanting, and the sacrifice of intelligent beings, usually upon an altar of black basalt or obsidian. Brutal Strike: The Church of Hextor trains its templars to fight with ruthless efficiency. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Of late, clerics of Cyric have become a preferred sacrifice, though old favorites such as paladins, unicorns, children, and celestials remain popular with traditionalists. Up to three creatures of your choice that you can see within range must make Charisma saving throws. At Higher Levels.

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