ffxiv gaius van baelsar quotes

This guy sounds so cool! Ultimecia : I am sworn to fight such grim facades as time! Vaan : Try as you will child, I am beyond a mere ''Judge''. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But then there is Gaius. A mere toy, compared to what I wield! Cecil : You claim to have mastered the abyss, but I still see a slave to the radiance! Its city-states are built on deceit, and its faith is an instrument of deception.It is naught but a cobweb of lies - to believe in Eorzea is to believe in nothing.In Eorzea, the beast tribes often summon Gods to fight in their stead.Though your comrades only rarely respond in kind - which is strange, is it not?Are the twelve otherwise \"engaged\"? I loath your charge. Good, very good. He is strength in conviction and his justified ''might makes right'' philosophy makes him such a fascinating character. Time. Tidus : I have not come to fight a child with no future. Y'shtola : Tell me Scion! Warrior of Light : I have faced your kind, time and time again. purge]Gaius is a common Roman given name. Now this could mean to lay to rest or you could call him Gaius Demonf*cker. Kain : It is good your kinda has finally taken action. Zack : All you leave behind is blight and self-destruction! Alongside Delita's and the Cloud of Darkness'. But then there is Gaius. I will accept this gladly. Balamb D.C : I shall turn your advantage to dust, along with each of you! None else. I will behead them all. Sice : Such malice betrays your skill. I want you to know : You have proved NOTHING! His main weapon is a gunblade named Heirsbane (No. The Garlean Solus zos Galvus was born in the year 1489 of the Sixth Astral Era to the esteemed House Galvus, a distinguished family of pureblood Garleans in the then-small Garlemald Republic. Cloud of Darkness : You shall not bleed this land, this world is for far greater! Celes : Such strength. Seymour : I shall liberate the masses from your madness. Golbez : The Giant of Babel? Lady Iceheart : False Saint, and dying fool. Cloud : Deceive yourself! Are you truly worthy of that crown?! His weapon of choice is the katana. Last. He joined the military at the age of sixteen, where he distinguished himself from the rank and file as a brilliant tacticia… I love both him and Zenos. Exdeath : Hmph, you are afraid of your own power. Sephiroth : Nothing makes you different from the rest of the aberrations. Thank you~ I particularly liked Cecil's myself. And in this land of creeping mendacity, that one truth will prove its salvation.Come, champion of Eorzea, face me!Your defeat shall serve as proof of my readiness to rule!It is only right that I should take your realm, for none among you has the power to stop me! And I agree, Gaius is pretty awesome , more people should give him a swing of their love. Agni : Forsaken by that which grants you power? Anyway, here we go. He at times breaks into malevolent laughter. Ahh, Gaius....one day , buddy. FFXIV OST - Gaius van Baelsar's Theme (3.0 version) - YouTube It may also be derived from Greek word Gaia, which means "earth.". It was a praenomen of many famous Romans throughout history, including Julius Caesar, and through his line, Augustus Caesar and Caligula, Gaius Cassius Longinius (a leading conspirator in Julius Caesar's assassination), and Gaius Cornelius Tacitus, the famous historian. He c… Vayne : Allow our skill to cement this alliance! Tifa : Trust in your own power, do not hide behind him any longer! Galuf : You claim to hate my philosophy, yet you clearly embody it. Futures Perfect (level 46 main storyline quest). Every Final Fantasy ends in a showdown against your nemesis. Lightning : You seek vengeance on the wrong man, but very well. Where are the Twelve? Zenos is the second Garlean antagonist to go without his mask at times, the first being Nero tol Scaeva. Ashe : I alone can lead you to freedom from what plagues Dalmasca. And when the dust of battle settles, it is ever the strong who dictate the fate of the weak.Knowing this, but a single path is open to the impotent ruler - that of false worship.A path which leads to enervation and death.Only a man of power can rightly steer the course of civilization. Press J to jump to the feed. Whenever you are prepared. The Maenad : That with no will hath no life to live. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Snow : Grief heals weakness, yet you have drowned in it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ace : War is sacrifice, you will be remembered by next wave alone. Kefka : I sense the Elder Eikons in you. Good list! Ignis : I admire this loyalty. Lahabrea exhibits a condescending and hostile demeanor, not hesitating to use dark magic to unleash a trap against the Warrior of Light during confrontations. Terra : I've yet to see one thing about you that isn't preposterous and dangerous. Vivi : There is nothing else to say. How familiar indeed. Warrior of Light/Darkness (The Adventurer), https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Gaius_van_Baelsar?oldid=3355685, Section needed (Final Fantasy Record Keeper), "Unworthy is the ruler whose subjects seek the solace of false gods.". Ultima : Continue in your scramble for juvenile attention. What a glorious fellow. '', ''All it sees will be dust. FFXIV - Gaius Van Baelsar - The Praetorium Speech - YouTube I was given to understand they were your protectors.If you truly believe them your guardians, why do you not repeat the trick that served you so well at carteneau, and call them down?They will answer, so long as you lavish them with crystals and gorge them on aether.Your Gods are no different from those of the beasts - eikons, every one.Accept but this, and you will see how Eorzeas faith is bleeding the land dry.Nor is this unknown to your masters, which prompts the question - why do they cling to these false deities?

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