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Well, that is all the important information that has been found.

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Simple. The islands that make up the Diadem house numerous different species of monster. They hit harder and have more health than their easy and normal counterparts. If you have those three check-marked then head to Ishgard and look for the quest notice near the Foundation aetheryte crystal that offers “Towards the Firmament,” (it will be a paper notice on the wall at x:9.7 y:11.5). It’s a simplified experience with a more predictable payout. (Unless you’re first?). This slice of the Sea of Clouds first arrived during the Heavensward expansion as a large-scale PvE activity where huge groups would fight incredibly dangerous monsters for loot with randomized stats. Southern Diadem Lake is at X:10, Y:31 in the southwestern corner of the map. Yes, you can get crafting/gathering materia. ... A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. Expanding your social circle indirectly affects progress per time spent, not only in exploratory missions but any sort of content. Out there in the Diadem, the weather will change fairly frequently. Each class has five different item lists they can gather from, so it’s not a simple matter of every shrub having Cotton Bolls or every boulder having Cobalt Ore. It’s pure luck of the draw, so be sure to hit up every node applicable node you can. Your email address will not be published. In this guide we will be going over everything important that we currently know about the Diadem(Hard). Once that’s done, you’re free to keep the fish; which you can then desynth for the same approved materials miners and botanists gather to sell or craft with. The member with Hard mode unlocked must be leader to be able to start the mission. You’ll be fairly limited in choice if you’re just starting out, but the aether cannon can net you tens of whatever you might not be able to gather yourself. Double-hook the Gobbie Mask for a big payday: each Gobbie Mask is worth 1580 points and 40 skybuilders’ scrip.

You also can’t predict it through a skywatcher either.

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Though when it comes to blasting down enemies with the aether cannon for more specific loot, there are some places where they’re most densely packed than others. Here are all the Diadem Umbral node location coordinates and the weather you’ll need for them to appear: Of course, you’re not limited to gathering just the Umbral nodes in the Diadem 5.21 update.

Entering Easy or Normal requires a Mission Ceruleum Voucher. Due to this massive change in focus the Diadem can no longer be reached with previous methods, so this guide will point you back in the right direction. Once you’ve had your items appraised, they’re yours to keep. They don’t affect too much, but completing them yields bonus tomestones. Another important note is that even if 7 of the members do not have a free company or access to an airship, they can still join in. It’s a good start!

The faster stuff dies – the more chests spawn – the more star monsters appear.

Everything you harvest here can be appraised by the vendor next to Aurvael to be used in either your own Ishgardian Restoration crafting, or to be sold in the markets for other crafters to use.
So how does it work? The time-limited appeal of the activity will eat into profits pretty quickly, but you can net both scrips and gil simultaneously with the Diadem 5.21 items.

Find them down there, take note of their location, and come back each time you’ve capped out your auger. FFXIV Diadem Gathering Guide — Fishing, Monster Locations and Weather Times.

Final Fantasy XIV spent some time reworking the Diadem for Patch 3.55b.
March 14, 2020 No comment. Now you can gather till your eyes bleed (and change gathering classes on the fly, assuming they are at least level 10).

After some time, an interact-able object “Fresh Tracks” Spawn.

Personally,  I’ve had more luck clearing one island at a time. I’m pretty sure there are other non-important prereqs such as “Completing MSQ” and “Being level 60”, but the above list should cover most of it.

To enter though, everyone must have Ceruleum Tank which is purchased with Free Company points. Similar to the Ocean Fishing mini-game introduced just a few short weeks ago, there’s something for gatherers of every level — well, 10 and above, at least.

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