fallout 76 line in the sand spawn glitch

Distant Thunder is an event quest in Fallout 76. I have to wear headphones whenever I do a quest that requires a sonic emitter, because it drives my dog fucking nuts. Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout 76, Press J to jump to the feed. It is usually only 2 for me. I almost daily start my playtime with this quest. Btw i was by myself. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I ditched the event and smashed through belly of the beast and the daily to kill a sb. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The amount of scorched spawned with the waves seems to scale with the amount of people. Doing Line in the Sand last night, a weird bug appeared I've never seen before. Save yourself the headache. I die a couple of times, each death respawns the entire wave i was on. I tried to catch a screenshot, you know where things spawn naked and a few feet off the ground, but wasn't fast enough. Makes it easier to chuck a nade in there and get xp. I wonder if they jumped up the difficulty? Kill the 3rd and a fourth shows up. The goal is to find the Enemy leader which is always a Legendary. Line in the sand Event bug. Plus, if you are not a FO1st subscriber, why complain if you are participating in it? It has become a game changer for things. I really like doing it in a team, and its a blast. When i Launch the game 6 month ago, i expect people to fucking bully me right at the start of the game. All those dead bodies in one concentrated area made the server extremely laggy too. And all the parts to make Scorch Best mix meat stew! Fallout 76 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Ugh, that's the worst, haha. Tents placed in the right spots, everyone facing the sonic generator, but the scorched just coming in from the road regardless. Just decided to give it a whirl on an alt. Aug 3 @ 6:34am Did they fix the spawn manipulation bug on Line in the sand? In short, I was playing through the event, "Line in the sand," and Encountered this and I have no idea if anyone else has encountered it or if it's server lag etc. Weird, I've done that event 20+ times in the past couple of weeks and never gotten more than 3 scorchbeasts. Tiny Tina. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LoKNhUcEg&feature=youtu.be. It is an unintended feature, that we should all be thankful for! 2nd one goes down and a 3rd shows up. And it usually goes very well. Boils down to them spawning in the defence area instead of the wall of the base. Bug In short, I was playing through the event, "Line in the sand," and Encountered this and I have no idea if anyone else has encountered it or if it's server lag etc. The events are literally called "Horde". Kill 4th and a 5th shows up. Level 56, vats rifle with an explosive anti armor pipe bolt action. I would love if I got 5 Scorched Beasts from that event, all that tasty Scorched meat.I actively hunt Scorched Beasts. I've never seen that many scorchbeasts come in either.. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Unless they have altered the event beyond fixing the repair bug, once you've started the sonic emitter to set it all in motion you can switch the damn thing off and it still runs to a conclusion. What level were you and what kind of build? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Actually wasn't the only one using a tesla either, I saw a few arc of electricity flying in whenever the scorched spawned. And yea you can shut the sonic emitter off after you repair it, just keep an eye on the clock/event timer. I haven't done it in awhile as its a chore but 5 caught me offguard. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Line in the sand doesn’t seem to spawn legendaries except scorched beasts, and even that isn’t a given. My editing software is old. Usually people have triggered it when travelling to the asylum and they just go inside then fast travel away from inside having taken care of business (loot ammo bags). Multiple sb limited my ability to shoot. And once you’re high level with good gear everything dies in seconds and you stand around for a couple minutes waiting on another wave to spawn. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Yeh it’s a great exploit for farming XP. Free fusion cores and BoS gear ftw. They were just trying to stop the damned bleeping. While the survival tent can be useful, the scrap box adds much more to the game. They are basically community quests that can be taken on by anyone (not just those in your party) on the server, as long as they're nearby. There is a timer that shows up under the event timer that says repair sonic emitter (x time left to repair) if/when the emitter is destroyed. And all while a horrible beeping noise repeats on a loop. I was affraid to play fallout 76 because it's a multiplayer game and I'm not a really good player. And the event spawns when a player goes near it, so its easy to trigger it. It was kind of ridiculous, everyone just stood in a circle around the generator, then a load of scorched spawn in, everyone opens fire, within seconds the scorched are all dead; then we wait for more to spawn. I think the extra 2 near the start were just in the area and piled on. It has not worked the last two times I've done it. r/fo76: Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout 76 Avoid that event. Sometimes even 1. Instead of spawning near the gates to Fort Defiance, the last waves of scorched continually spawned right on top of the generator. No extra spawns for more ppl. (I have to use really old Movie Maker)Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3LoKNhUcEg&feature=youtu.be. When the quest is available, player characters need to head for the area marked on the map and essentially lazer targets in the area for the artillery stationed at Fort Defiance to open fire on. The scorchbeasts are misunderstood. This is not a bug! You kind of get the idea though, less than a second before this screenshot was taken the scorched weren't there, just over a second later they weren't there any more. I believe for the time being, let us just enjoy it, and not complain and make a big deal of it. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This usually requires a weapon with a recon scope, but can also be completed by killing all targets in the area. That's all i did. but in fact it has been the total opposite - At level 1, i was lost in the wood and i found a CAMP where the player give me several stimpack and enough food to sustain for several days Get to the final wave while dealing with the 3rd. As others have said, Ive never had more than 3 scorchbeasts even with up to 5 people at the event. It's a well known bug people trigger by putting their survival tent down outside the gates. With less frustration i just did belly of the beast and the heart of the enemy quests. If the emitter gets destroyed you wont have the audible cue that it stopped sqawking and you only have 1 min ish to repair the sonic generator or the event fails. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout 76, Press J to jump to the feed. Fallout 76. Line in the Sand is a Fallout 76 Public Event.In Event: Line in the Sand, Players are to Defend the Sonic Generator from the Scorched.Public Events are quests that provide unique rewards during the available time the event is active. Silly quesiotn, but did you start up the anti-air missiles? I don’t have 1st, but the couple times it’s happened for me it was so much easier than when the level 300 dickheads one hit everything so you don’t get XP.

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