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This may relate to Cinderella's carriage that was shape-shifted from a pumpkin. Though the objects can work magic (or magick), they may also carry a curse if the object is misused... or used by someone not authorized to handle it. “Most people have a certain idea of what fairies are,” Terry says,” but maybe they look like us and they're not quite what we think.” All of Miles shows feature references from mythology, literature and popular culture which lends itself a mysterious sense of “is it real or is it fake?”. In Western culture, most folkore traditions seem to be rooted in Germany, Switzerland and England. For more information about faeries, visit Faerie Magick. Dwarves may protect a treasure in their caverns, castles or forests. rious, insightful and thought-provoking podcasts for our audience. I like that! Their counterparts would be "elves of darkness," similar to the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the Scottish faeries. For more information about faeries, visit Faerie Magick (dot com). For more information about the faerie-related families protected by Banshees, see Fiona's article, The Banshee. She explains what works — and what doesn’t — when you’d like to make contact with the faerie world. Soon, the word "elf" was used to describe specific, small creatures that have supernatural powers and may be shape shifters. In the typical story, the bridge builder makes a deal with the Devil:  If the Devil will build the bridge himself, in one night, the Devil can then take the soul of the first person to cross the bridge. She also explains that the majority of faerie (or fairy) related websites are happy fantasy sites, and delightful to visit. (Literature is inconsistent in explaining those color notes, as the dwarves aren't colored that way and their clothing may not match the colors, either.). He cites Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, that lifts the veil on the fairy world, as the influence that led him down this new path. No matter the setting, what you get is a documentary style investigation into the supernatural mixed with government cover-ups and ancient folklore thrust into our modern setting that produces an engrossing mix for those that “want to believe.”. “I started filling up the spaces with weird sounds and things and that became the brand.” He says the music is his attempt at Tangerine Dream but, “a little more doodly.”. Brownies may become attached to a family or one member of the family. He’s rarely seen, and – though I’ve noticed his figure represented at Epcot’s “Living with the Land” attraction – I wasn’t sure I wanted to reveal him. Appearance: Generally male, and human-like but diminutive, ranging from six inches tall to the more usual two to three feet tall. (Sample is shown at right.). Russia is spooky, right? They're in the category of Hob, a "house spirit" in the U.K. (Possible connection with Hobbits?). If you put it against a basement wall — beneath ground level — you might attract dark and mischievous faeries. It appears in various histories and mythologies, notably English history where the word initially meant all faeries. They exist in England and in Europe. Anyone can see a Banshee, but you're not likely to. Strange Highways: A guidebook to American mysteries & The Unexplained. FAERIE is an immersive and groundbreaking audio experience from the creator of TANIS, RABBITS and The Black Tapes. In Western culture, most folkore traditions seem to be rooted in Germany, Switzerland and England. The latter are sometimes associated with ghosts, and the distinctions aren't clear. Faerie is a Parcast production and available exclusively on Spotify. In this 14-minute podcast, Fiona talks about this question and several others. A. They rarely appear to humans. You can see (or, more often, hear) a Banshee whether you're related to an Irish family or not. He’s been part of Epcot’s “Living with the Land” for at least seven years. A Hobgoblin is a cousin of the Brownie, and -- perhaps because he's more of a practical joker -- the Hobgoblin is sometimes considered a poltergeist rather than a faerie. Faerie doors are turning up everywhere. So, they live in caves, caverns, underground palaces, and dark forests that don't allow direct sunlight through. However, since Banshees are real, it's possible for anyone to see them. It usually gives the invisibility, which is a form of glamoury. (My how-to ideas were inspired by the very first place I saw faerie doors, at Laurie Cabot’s shop in Salem, Massachusetts.). White dwarves are good, brown dwarves are pranksters or unreliable, and black dwarves are evil. There’s just something about audio drama from Terry Miles and the Public Radio Alliance.No matter the setting, what you get is … This kind of folklore relates to fairy (faerie) tales. Some Irish people have adopted the word, elf. Brownies are most prevalent in northern England and in Scotland. In both cases, the answer is yes... if you're in a place where they are, and you know what you're looking for. I’ve looked for him in other parts of that attraction, but haven’t seen anything else that’s clearly a faerie of any kind, including a Green Man. In this week’s Faerie Magick podcast, Fiona discusses dwarves. Can you describe the different kinds of dragons? Briggs, Katharine: An Encyclopedia of Fairies, Rose, Carol: Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins - An Encyclopedia, Smith, Peter A.: W. B. Yeats and the Tribes of Danu, Music: The Moods of Manwritten & orchestrated by James Underberg.

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