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KRAMER: Don't youk now what that does to suede? KRAMER: (Talking about the leather jacket from the start of the [8] He was known for his bad-guy roles in films during the 1940s and 1950s, such as Dillinger, The Hoodlum and Born to Kill. George buys Elaine a marked-down cashmere sweater. They're a bit intimidated with the elder Benes being a well known author. couldn't get it out of his head. Broadcasted: February 6, 1991 for the first time. I'm walking out of here right now thinking you paid A. thousand dollars?! GEORGE: We'll say we're frightened and we have to go home. JERRY: Yes, but let's just stop it right there. He'll understand that. GEORGE: (To Jerry) Why don't you just turn it inside out? Elaine's friend.. and this is George. I don't understand it. JERRY: Well, we thought she was meeting you earlier. to it? Was this review helpful to you? Alas, it doesn't take him too long to realize having his ex-girlfriend live only a few feet away would be excruciating, and so he tries to discourage her from moving in by all means possible. (as Patricia Amaye Thomson). An earth outfit. JERRY: Should I get it? it? JERRY: You know, Schumann went mad from that. [7] The final scene in the episode, which showed Alton Benes singing "Master of the House" in his car, was pre-recorded on December 3, 1990, as it could not be filmed in front of an audience because it took place in a car.[1]. his attitude is, "To hell with the, world, I can make my own people. Can't be seven. When they set off for dinner, Jerry is afraid to wear his new jacket in the snow. Elaine's leather jacket. NEXT. (Moves to the bedroom). down the street after these doves. KRAMER: (Looking over the leather jacket) You're not going to wear He asked me to take care of his doves. I loooooove Elaine's leather jacket from the last few seasons of the show. He's elated when he hears that it will cost her $5000 to get the place but Kramer comes up with a solution. JERRY: (Trying to scare George) He went crazy from one note. 'Cause Dad can make some people a little uncomfortable. 13 of 21 people found this review helpful. we'll all be wearing the same thing. money? CBS Studio Center - 4024 Radford Avenue, Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s, Susie voices now, you know. "The Jacket" premiered on American television on February 6, 1991, on NBC, it gained a Nielsen rating of 10.4/16 and was praised by critics. [4][10] Tom Cherones, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus saw this happen, and, as Alexander recalled, it "scared the living crap out of all of us. at Cinema III. (Jerry's heading out, the intercom buzzes). GEORGE: And, I'll have a club soda with no ice. George starts wearing a wedding ring because he's heard that it helps single guys pick up women. (Jerry and George enter. "That's the breaks." I'm just about to leave, he calls On February 6, 1991, "The Jacket" was first broadcast in the United States on NBC. We'll go to that Link to Us. Kramer enters the apartment and asks them to guard his illegally parked car for two minutes as he carries down some doves that he is looking after for a magician friend. GEORGE: How could she leave us alone with this lunatic? The Unforgettable Fashion of Seinfeld's Elaine Benes. You can always have it changed. When Elaine finally arrives, she explains that Kramer promised her a lift if she would wait in his car for two minutes. I am freezing. forget Sunday, okay? proudly models his new jacket infront of George. Alton stops him before Jerry can leave the hotel). Denim jackets, hoodies, and jeans are the foundations of the year’s most controversial (and wearable) trend—despite our willingness to ignore that Elaine adopted it only during an obvious mental and emotional breakdown. this. MANAGER: A message for you. "The Jacket" is the third episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld and the show's eighth episode overall. Keep your little bookworms engaged outside of the classroom with our selection of the very best literary adaptations. a little nervous. I'm singing it on elevators, buses. (George enters singing "Master Of the House" - a Les Both George and Jerry are nervous to meet Alton because they are in awe of his writings. (Jerry and George freeze). I'm so sorry. He almost immediately regrets it when Elaine starts to talk about how much time they'll be able to spend together. I went to see it last wee. ELAINE: Well, it's just a lining. Kramer enters). They're a bit intimidated with the elder Benes being a well known author. He also a cranky old coot who scares them into silence. I'll be right back. ELAINE: Ohh.. it's snowing. this jacket! KRAMER: George, do me a solid? ELAINE: What? KRAMER: Good karma for you. Seinfeld Scripts. George's singing "Master of the House"), GEORGE: "Master of the House. show. In an era in which we boast about how much stars and/or characters are just like us, we still bypass the original everywoman. GEORGE: What are you, Bud Abbott? Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Lawrence Tierney (as (Alton is driving home, then all the sudden, he starts to sing), ALTON: "Master of the house doling out the charm, ready with We should vote on it. (Waiter That's it." JERRY: (To George) Snow.. snow, that can't be good for suede, can it. Elaine's father Alton (Lawrence Tierney), a war veteran and writer, makes Jerry and his friend George Costanza (Jason Alexander) very uncomfortable. I'll eat whatever I want. my daughter dressed like that! Whether paired with an oversize floral dress or slacks from the closet of Angela from Who’s the Boss?, Elaine’s blazers were just like she was: functional, necessary, and adaptable to almost every social situation. On their way out, they notice it is snowing. [1][6] "The Jacket" is the only episode in which one of Elaine's parents appears; Louis-Dreyfus once suggested Mary Tyler Moore to portray Elaine's mother, but the character never appeared on the show. 'Cause anytime I see a movie (Alton starts hacking, George withdraws his hand). Like the lure of the siren's song. garykmcd, I like the bit how he bought a very expensive jacket. Aren't cows ouside most of the time? It's ruined, and unwearable) What? make a stir everyone appreciates a..", GEORGE: Oh, it's from Les Miserables. this jacket? JERRY: Why don't they open up an entire store for the back? with little outfits for myself. Oh baby. JERRY: (Looks at the tag) ..That is high. I like the jacket. where I wanted the other guy to show up. The series’ true hero and fashion icon. ELAINE: No, he's driving back to Maryland tonight. I'll take it.. (Long pause) There's nothing Meanwhile, George has been to see Les Miserables and can't get one of the show tunes out of his head. Elaine's father, Alton Benes, is is in town and she wants Jerry and George to join for dinner. I have to tell you, this guy GEORGE: Thank you for leaving me alone with him! spice, are you? This FAQ is empty. Including T-Shirts, DVDs, and more! say something. [3] David stated in an interview that Richard Yates was "... every bit as intimidating as Alton Benes". JERRY: (Like a child) Well, it's a new suede jacket. You know better than to get involved But between the Kramer’s briefcase, the bisque, and the withholding of soup, Seinfeld delivered something even more important. (Holds it up) This is beautiful.. but these jackets never fit me right. Jerry wears an expensive jacket when he meets Elaine's father, but an argument ensues when Jerry is reluctant to wear it outside during a snowfall. control over it. It faced strong competition from the CBS crime drama Jake and the Fatman; viewers would frequently tune out of Seinfeld to watch the second half of Jake and the Fatman's. However, despite the consistency of floral print throughout the series, Elaine never got stuck in a style rut: while the early ‘90s saw her wear smaller, more condensed prints, the late ‘90s delivered larger, ‘70s-like styles that most of us wore in 1998.

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