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By The Pitt News Editorial Board October 21, 2019. You say some TikTok videos have swearing and violence. Mr. Chemnitz, a sixth grade science teacher, thinks that Tik Tok is distracting. Some of the videos are not right for younger kids. But we’ll break it down for you with the pros and cons of allowing TikTok in education. “Ultimately, TikTok needs to fundamentally reassess its attitude to handling inappropriate images of children on its site,” Burrows said. In earlier times, when online bullying was far less prevalent, most people wouldn’t think twice about having an app like TikTok in education. A club celebrating an app created by a platform that opposes certain human rights doesn’t exactly create an inviting space for all students. TikTok says the app is best-suited for teenagers and adults. But I’m a good kid! TikTok is huge right now, but that will change. The app faced a scandal earlier this year surrounding censorship of “sexualized content,” such as children dancing suggestively or dressed in revealing outfits. Why not their teacher? But maybe instead of just tik tok, you could just be on your phone in general. But when you see videos with swearing and rudeness, you could start to think that’s OK. And some people leave mean comments on posts. That’s why, like any other social media platform, children should follow proper Internet etiquette when posting TikTok videos. They are looking into how TikTok collects and stores our personal data. Does TikTok belong in the education setting? Based on the data I have collected, I have made and inference on why people like and dislike Tik Tok in school. 360 Hiatt Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418, School administrators can—and should—use social media to get their message out, experts say, This search is limited to articles published in the last three years. If we had TikTok at Elmwood, students could easily spend a whole class period scrolling through their #foryou pages instead of doing their actual work. TikTok should be kept out of public schools, for the emotional and physical safety of all children. Student council members could make campaign videos during election season. (Feb. 2020). What evidence do you find the most convincing. TikTok’s rule is that you have to be 13 to post or comment. Distribute the activity “Write an Opinion Essay.” The lower-level version guides students to write a three-paragraph essay on the debate topic. We’ll send you updates on new digital features and tips here throughout the year. And while some LGBTQ+ community members may still enjoy the app, it isn’t up to us, or a school administrator, to decide what could be offensive or uninviting. #loyslearners #wms #woodsidestrong #elementsofargument. Besides, you might have fun pretending you're someone else! Or you can make your own accounts and follow me! Illustrations: Tom Garrett; We should wait to see what the investigation reveals before our school starts using it. It’s true that TikTok has a less judgmental vibe than other social media, but bullying still goes on. Andy Burrows, the National Society for the Prevention of Children Cruelty’s head of child safety online policy, publicly expressed his concern about the way TikTok approaches censorship. “No matter what you think of social media, you have to meet your audience where they are. West Orange High School in Florida, for example, has formed a TikTok club , according to The Times. TikTok is huge right now, but trust us, that’ll fade. For a more comprehensive search of every issue, please visit our, A few teachers are embracing social media app called TikTok as it lets students produce and share videos. Mark Zuckerberg: Let’s Stop Using the Term “Going Viral”, Governor Newsom Cancels Dating, Tells Singles to “Practice Abstinence”, STUDY: Watching TV While Eating Can Make Your Butt Look Fatter. “There are many educators sharing incredible tricks, tips, events and other information through those platforms and you want to become one of them.     1. Some teachers are making TikTok videos to explain complex topics. Who could ask for better fans? Want to hear this story read aloud? Click here! There’s a group called Common Sense Media that helps parents decide which apps are right for kids. What is your opinion? I could discover new talents by making my own videos. When you walk through the 6th grade hallway, you will mostly see kids leaning their phones on anything to do a dance in front of it…a Tik Tok. Conner (7th), Liam (7th), And Paul (6th) don’t like Tik Tok and do think it should be banned. TikTok received a record US fine earlier this year for illegally collecting personal data of children under 13. Put a double star next to the writer’s rebuttal. You say some TikTok videos have swearing and violence. Some schools are doing their part to protect students during school hours by not allowing cell phone use, period. Imagine if you are working on a math packet and all you see is a girl standing up and dancing to her friend across the room. Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of allowing TikTok in school is the creativity factor. This is a great way for students to develop important skills like collaboration and creativity.Â. However, the 1-year-old app TikTok could also act as a classroom distraction. My hobbies include soap carving and collecting used underwear that I purchase online. While it’s ultimately a personal choice whether or not one engages with the app for enjoyment, the New York high school club is just another reminder that the politics surrounding the app must be addressed rather than swept under the rug. TikTok’s own rule is that you have to be 13 to post or comment. Decide which side of the debate you're on. YOU decide: Who makes the stronger argument? All in all, TikTok is now a short music and lip-sync video sharing platform. Communities have held town hall meetings over threats that appear to have surfaced on TikTok. book of kid-appropriate video ideas from DK. And I know you think I’ll spend too much time looking at screens. But the biggest concern, in my opinion? Keep the conversation going with this Storyworks debate on Fortnite from last year’s September issue. We appreciate your thinking about screen time, but two hours of TikTok every day is still way too much. We don’t want you to get hurt. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Ask: “No matter what you personally think about this issue, which author do you think makes the better argument?” Take a poll and tally the results on the board.Â, Project the first text. Send it to a grandparent or another adoring fan. TikTok’s own rule is that you have to be 13 to post or comment. Who makes the stronger argument? Or you can make your own accounts and follow me! What’s more, countless studies have shown that excessive time on social media can be harmful, leading to anxiety and depression. The Pros of TikTok Being Allowed in Schools Sean is cool. You can check my account every day. Then write a paragraph supporting the opposite side! Now that you have a little bit of background, here’s a brief analysis of the question you’re looking for. And I won't spend too much time using screens either. Florida's Orange County Public Schools found teachers provided the most effective professional development in helping colleagues adjust to online learning. Team up with someone in your home, pick a favorite song, rehearse it, and record it on a phone. This debate has a clear purpose: to present arguments for and against the use of TikTok in school.

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