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Looking for "useful" sites such as Instructables,... Not spending any money, being frugal, and DIY. Screw or bolt the leg to the frame with 3/4-inch wood screws (X pattern) or 1 ¼-inch carriage bolts (two bolts per leg, offset slightly). If the fit is good, remove the lid momentarily. At the venue, we were able to easily carry in each section and set it up in under 10 minutes. Glue the joints with wood glue for extra strength. He had a few evenings free and a new table saw asking to be played with, so he started doing some research, drawing up plans, and discussing options for a DIY drum riser. There are also different types of stage supports so make sure you talk to the manufacturer to find the best supports and deck surface for you. The gap in front leaves room for the lights to mount. 2×6 boards were selected over 2x4s so that the lights would fit. We routed a channel with the jigsaw to the area that would hold the wiring. Weve got the same basic design for drum risers etc. DIY dual monitor pipe mount from DIY.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Flip the platform up on its legs. If you want the riser to stand 18 inches tall, cut six legs 17 ¼ inches long. Before you start constructing your dais, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space to hold your entire slate of dignitaries. If you don’t have the time or resources to undertake this project yourself, contact The Wright Group today to learn how we can make your next special event go off without a hitch. Cut six more legs 11 3/4 inches long. A reputable manufacturer will make sure all of these pieces work together seamlessly. Bar Mitzvahs Drive more 1-inch wood screws around the four sides of the plywood lid on 6-inch centers.

Other than that, just about anyone can build the following stage. Drill pilot holes and screw this center support board to the frame from the outside of the frame. And since we were planning on setting some of our moving lights on top, we might as well build in power to support those as well, so we’re not running extension cords everywhere. Finish your stage off by sanding thoroughly, applying several coats of black outdoor paint and attaching fabric skirts to hide the area beneath the stage. Also, the 2x10s would have to be treated lumber. All of the boards should be laying on the two-inch-wide side of the board, which will make the frame four inches tall. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Plans/suggestions for constuction a low portable (modular, sectioned) stage? For our legs we used threaded 2'' pipe that screws into a threaded flange.

// Leaf Group Lifestyle, 38 board feet of 1-inch-by-6-inch dimensional pine lumber, A grade, 4-by-8-foot sheet of AC-grade 3/4-inch plywood, "Stock Scenery Construction: A Handbook"; Bill Raoul; 1998. A ramp and/or stair are going to be necessary to get on and off the stage. Now that we had power and working lights, it was time for the finish up. If you’re worried about traction, you can also apply anti-slip tape in strategic areas. Discover (and save!) Thanks all -- I measured it out and 16x12 seems like it would work fine. A reputable manufacturer will be able to design you a custom, high-quality stage that will meet the demands of all of your events. St Louis Missouri, 1 7/8″ boring drill bit to pop a hole underneath, mounted the electrical box for the outlets and ran wiring from the plug. Now that we had our pieces in place, it was time to start connecting wires. Stage Risers are carpeted and fold for storage. Not sure what you need? Use two three-inch wood screws at each joint, and drill pilot holes to get them started without splitting the lumber. Works great.

they are light enough to assemble move and shim by yourself. Clare, MI 48617 Next was installing the cover. A complete portable stage is made up of many different parts. The next step is probably a layer of carpet squares across the top so that Talon doesn’t have to bring a carpet with. Next, we went ahead and painted the front part black and used the 1 7/8″ boring drill bit to pop a hole underneath for the power inlet.

Over many years of stagecraft, a standardized 4-by-8-foot modular design has been used for creating a riser than can be adapted for many uses and productions. So, after doing a lot of drawing up plans and consulting with an electrician friend, the project was under way.

Unless you are the ONLY band playing on that stage, please please please leave your drum riser at home, and ask for a drum riser to be provided as part of the larger stage. This kit consists of 4 pieces of 4'x4' carpet stage platforms, matching 8" risers with hardware, and a mobile frame system of metal frames and casters. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Coffin locks are actually how the Bil-Jax decks lock together. The lights looked incredible once they were programmed into our system and everyone in the band is very happy with the final product. They would each be supported by four buckets, which is a popular DIY drum riser plan (there are a few bands around here who have done it this way) and can be broken down assembled, and transported very easily.

Insert a leg at one corner of the platform framing. One end of the two boards should be flush. With your remaining 2x4s, cut six two-foot sections to use as legs and six one-foot sections at 45-degree angles, which will serve as braces. I'm looking to build some small 4x4 risers (Possibly a few 4x8 too) for assorted applications.

This would be a good time to test the stability. When you get a stage and skirting from a manufacturer, they will integrate perfectly because that’s how they’re designed and that won’t be the case with a DIY stage.

©2020 StageRight, INC. All Rights Reserved. I also wrapped electric tape around each light plug to keep them from slipping out of place and put a layer across the dip switches. Here are the links I've collected so far: Seeing as I'm not Bloomington Illinois Note – the power strip was mounted using screws but then secured with zip ties to keep it from rattling. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Drill three pilot holes through the sides of each of the long boards where they form a corner with an end board. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.,,,, Once you’ve attached legs to the frame, finish construction by attaching a sheet of plywood with 1.5-inch wood screws spaced 16 inches apart along all edges. The first word in the world of staging is that the structure must be designed to meet the requirements of your events. Sound Forums Network, LLC was co-founded by David Karol and Bennett Prescott to provide and preserve a home for audio professionals around the world. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Planning an outdoor event presents a unique set of circumstances, as you want to present a professional appearance while still contending with the elements and other factors that might be out of your control. Peoria Illinois For each section, we ended up needing the following: When assembled, the frame should end up looking like this. I have WAY more experience (ow ow ow OW!!) This construction method, pioneered by Bill Raoul, produces a much lighter, more stable, and more flexible platform than the traditional platform made from 2-by-4 lumber. Guardrails can serve two purposes on your stage. I included a picture of a similar flange.

The wireless adapter and all the lights connected perfectly to our Ableton setup, so we were good to move forward. There you have it- a bunch of inspiring monitor riser plans! By Brian D. Taylor, Project Editor, Pioneer Drama Service . This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We labeled them as we went so we wouldn’t lose track, but looking back, we should have done it right the first time. Test-align this plywood “lid” to the edges of the frame, flush. When your event is over, the backdrop can be efficiently put away into storage. Additionally, Fun DMC has always prided itself on taking all of our projects a few ambitious steps above and beyond where most would stop. They would each be supported by four buckets, which is a popular DIY drum riser plan (there are a few bands around here who have done it this way) and can be broken down assembled, and transported very easily. Building a Stage that’s Portable in Just 5 Steps. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Measure more 1-by-6-inch lumber for riser legs.

A backdrop from a manufacturer will also look better than one you make yourself and it’ll probably store easier.

The stage decks can be of a variety of surfaces ranging from carpet to different black finishes. Homemade stages can be unsafe and they don’t look as nice or professional as one made by a reputable manufacturer or a vendor that builds permanent stages for a living. No matter if you’re hosting a wedding, corporate get-together, or sporting event, you’ll want to have a sturdy platform that commands the attention of your guests. COVID Canceled My Wedding – Now What Do I Do?

Purchase “A-grade” 1-by-6-inch dimensional pine lumber. We did the entire thing black, including the parts that wouldn’t necessarily be visible, just for consistency. You can use 2x4 material as skirt framing on 4 foot square 3/4" plywood panels, adding a 2x4 centre joist for stability. If you want the riser to stand 18 inches tall, cut six legs 17 ¼ inches long. Apply wood glue to the shorter of the two boards. The first step was to get everything cut to size and to try out a section before doing all four. In the top panel, we cut the space for the power box that would sit in the middle of the edge of the side of the front panel. Those leg-a-matic's that you point out look pretty reasonable, and I'd expect you could DIY yourself something easily as durable and safe as some of the commercial quick assembly stages. She currently serves as Director of Elections for McLean County, Illinois government.

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