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"I really didn't see myself in that class," she said. Rettke handles them all with an engaging mix of grace, patience, understanding and cool. All good. That's where Whalen got a measure of Rettke's grace. "When you think she's been playing this game for five years, it's really remarkable the path she's been on," Sheffield said. Her goal now is certainly high enough: She plans to do everything in her power to lead No. Show More. "For a girl I'm pretty tall, so people would come up to me and say, 'God, you're so tall,'" Whalen said. "They did not want to stand out," he said. Andy Baggot, Volleyball "I could easily see where she would get frustrated with it and kind of get annoyed with it, but she hasn't. "If there was a ball to be kicked or thrown, she was doing it.". If you like my stories here, check out my interactive chapters over at http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/named. Sheffield was impressed by how light Rettke was on her feet. All righty then. It makes it more intriguing for me to create these collages. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Video: Illinois volleyball star Dana Rettke Riverside-Brookfield senior headed to the University of Wisconsin next year. Megan rambled. http://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/view/named. Problem was, Rettke wasn't particularly good at it. Horne said that Smrek continues to make rapid strides in all facets of the game and that she is almost automatic when attacking in system. “I think she can turn into a dominant blocker and a point scorer off her block,” he said. "I think she took that cue.". Minnesota? Handling the daily emails and phone calls became almost a full-time job for Horne. In fact, Rettke joined the Whalens for a trip to Naples, Florida, when the two girls were juniors in high school. "I always tell people that, even though there are 6,000 people here, it really doesn't feel like it," she said. Makes visualizing things much easier. "It makes Dana who she is. Both of her parents have great height as her father is about 6 feet 6 inches and her mother is 5 feet 11 inches. "We knew that we had a player that had the potential to be special and dominant, but she's probably touching into that a little bit more frequently at an earlier stage probably than what we reasonably expected. Oct 5, 2019. theused47. She's the reigning AVCA and Big Ten player of the week following a 10-block, 12-kill performance in Wisconsin's five-set win last Friday over Nebraska. Unbeknownst to the crowd but secretly known by Dana, she was still growing as the party continued on. With the heels she was now 8 feet tall, but she soon might have to take the shoes off. "That was so funny," she said. Dana Collegiate National Team-China Schedule May 21: Arrive Shanghai May 22: Match vs Shanghai, W, 3-2 May 23: Bus to Hangzhou, afternoon training May 24: Match vs. Zhejiang in Jiashan, L, 1-3 May 25: Match vs. Zhejiang in Pinghu City, W, 3-0 May 26: Bus to Nanjing May 27: Open Training; Kid's clinic at Nanjing Elementary School. Acknowledgements from UW classmates? “She’s a unique kid,” Horne said. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Wisconsin hosts Michigan State in both teams' Big Ten opener on Friday. At 6-foot-8, the Wisconsin middle blocker already towers over many of her teammates as well as her 6-foot-6 father. Dana Rettke's Growing Story would be amazing. "Everything needs to be planned for," she said of her studies. Things really took off after legendary Munciana volleyball club coach Mike Lingenfelter came to Canada to work with the Defensa club and began singing her praises. The trajectory upward continues. He was underwhelmed by her skill level but intrigued by the potential of the high school sophomore. It spoke volumes as to how much of a priority she was to them.”. "That's only helped me throughout my athletic career.". But the growth she's most excited about these days has nothing to do with height and everything to do with perfecting every intricacy in a game she didn't consider playing in college until she was a high school upperclassman. 48 straight weeks in the national poll, including 25 straight weeks in the top 10! "She's very, very comfortable in her own skin," he said. 538x812px 1.33 MB. "She was always super active," John Rettke said. Dana attempted to laugh it off, but she felt herself grow another inch that instant. A primary item on the agenda was cultivating a sense of rhythm with Hilley, the top-rated setter recruit in the nation. Sheffield, the father of two young daughters, said Rettke loves it when little kids come up and want to take a picture with her. It has the program that I like, the way they coach, the people, the whole image and the goals that the school works toward, I feel in my heart that that’s where I need to be.”. "I didn't have any bad habits to break because I picked up the sport so late," she said. And he has no doubt that his pupil is up to the task of living up to that high standard. I may just have to start working on that in the near future.

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