cragheart tank build

You get to buff up your Strengthen power after you do the Attack 1, but it takes effect before you do your second attack and lasts until the end of your next turn. Faster than almost everything out there, and when you’re trying to rack up some coinage, or go invisible that’s the speed you want to be going at. In this regard, the Mindthief is endowed with some absolutely wonderful cards, and they are part of the reason this character was voted the second most fun to play. Everything we’ve gone through thus far is my official recommendation for your starting hand, but we’ll still talk through the rest. Apart from that you’re not going to want to burn this workhorse before then. So I attempted to choose cards that would allow me to play her like that. Play initiative 86, move in at the end of the turn, and then play your initiative 11 to go early the next turn to get another attack in and get out of dodge. The tank can deal out quite some damage and put enemies in harm’s way. Milk that Move 5 until you’re ready to mentally blow someone up and then cash in. She is one of the fastest loosters thanks to loot cards among Force an enemy to take 1 step… I get it, if it’s directly beside a trap then you’re loving life. This board game has been a hit among hobbyists, the reason being the depth and intricacies make it extremely fun to play. Boy was that UN-FUN for me. With initiative 27 being very mediocre, you can view this as a very average attack card with a possible situational upside that can clear out a trap and dish out a bit of extra damage. This is it. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Bashing in skulls is loads of fun, but the feeling of cleaning up 3+ coins in one turn is a sensation all to itself. these are easy to collect when playing a Scoundrel. Cragheart has average stamina with a hand limit of 11 cards. And this obviously If you’re just starting out then I would use your remaining 10 gold on a Minor Stamina Potion. You are really quick and probably the first to reach a loot. He can tank a bit of damage, just like our Gnawing Horde, but if you’re burning a Level 2 card to do that then the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Well fret not my friend, because if you’ve consumed ice then you can go ahead and collect that experience point anyway, even if the opponent is dead before he can be stunned. Also, Cragheart’s hand of 11 gives it good stamina. Empathetic Assault will also help in that regard, but we’ll talk about that when we run through all the cards. You’ll notice right off the bat we’re looking at an Attack 2, plus The Mind’s Weakness to make it an Attack 4. This card qualifies. You are looking at an Attack 5 (TMW) and if Ice is available (it often will be) you get to stun that poor dumb slob as well! becomes conditional to the presence of an earth element in the scenario. If you want to deal out immense damage, an Inox Brute is your go to character. it’s done with. I’m going to switch this section up and do the bottom first because it’s dead simple and I haven’t got much to tell you about it. limited count of cards (9 in her case). Even if there is one card you cannot afford to lose, you can short rest and if that card is chosen you can lose a hit point to chose another at random. The scoundrel is quick on its feet, it runs in, loots and would dash out before anyone could catch up. You’re kicking off the game with 30 gold burning a hole in your pocket! If you’re looking to play an augment-style Mindthief game (as was originally intended by the creator) then this should be your #2. As a Spellweaver, try Move 4 (with Jump) is almost always enough to get you to the hex you want to be in without leaving all your allies behind. It’s generally advantageous in this regard if an enemy moved next to you on their turn because you can go invisible, attack them (Frigid Apparition, Fearsome Blade, or Submissive Affliction), then wait there while they can’t attack you back. Move 4, Attack 4, plus a pairing with a second attack is good value for one burned card, and although it isn’t the flashiest of moves with a big red X in the corner, it comes at a low opportunity cost because its top action isn’t particularly unique or critical. As if all that wasn’t sweet enough, go ahead and give yourself an experience point. Most of the time I would dump Into the Night. Really do. If this was an attack that we could perform ourselves it may be a different story because we could bump it up to an Attack 8. As the name explains, the Scoundrel is great at looting and can get to it before anyone else does. Very practical if you’re stunning one fool and moving to attack another though.

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