continuity theory of aging essay

Like the activity theory of aging, continuity theory can also apply to everyone just at different points in their lifetime. If you were generous you could say she was five feet tall, her face wrapped in leathery skin, and pepper gray hair sitting rather untamed on her head. It typically reflects a prejudice in society against older adults. Continuity theory illustrates that elders maintain the same activities, behaviors, and relationships as they did in their prior stages of life. Geographical location focuses on the individual physical location in which they lived and how it influences those same behaviors and habits. Introduction On arrival to the ward significant, vital observations were taken, these were blood pressure, O2 saturation, respiration rate and heart rate, her blood glucose level was also measured as she was diabetic. Knowledge of nursing care and competency of caring for elderly become more important as the result of increasing population of old age people in the past decade and expecting in ongoing increasing in the next twenty years. Participants How do ethnic and cultural factors influence how people behave in later life? Introduction The belief that people cope with life better by applying familiar strategies based on their past experiences is the continuity theory of aging. 13 These changes would consequently have a direct impact on the functional 24 Theories of Ageing To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Abstract This paper explores abuse and neglect of the elderly. Procedures She is part Mexican, part Apache, and the mother of seventeen children, and one stepdaughter. Describe how ethnic and cultural factors influence behavior in late life. 32 The next aspect is the treatment of the elderly. The more elderly involve in their activities, the better they will age. Secondly the Activity theory, this... ... Mrs X is an 84 year old British lady. Most elderly who continue to be active and engaged in their community seems to be happier and healthier than those who’re not. No living thing in the world has the ability to defeat death as it occurs sometimes naturally and sometimes accidently. Such as African American who grew up in the south, feels segregated. General Conclusions drivers. ...Biological Theory of Aging This patient has been chosen for the case study as a very effective care plan has been written for her needs while she is in hospital, also the care that Mrs X needs and the problems she is facing is very common for other patients on this ward, therefore it will help develop understanding for other patients as well as her and will also help build on further knowledge for the future. cells, such as neurons.

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