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In the records of only two of the 19 river journeys precised above -- those of Thompson and Ross, both in 1811 -- are the Methow, above the Chelan, mentioned and in not one is the existence of Indians in the Entiat country, immediately downriver from the Chelan, attested to. In sum, it may be concluded from these data, supported by additional information presented later, that: (a) Early travelers on the Columbia in the Chelan homeland normally had no incentive or occasion to come ashore except to serve their own immediate purposes, as to take meals and encamp for the night; (b) White boatmen traveling the river should have observed from their passing craft, even though they were moving in haste, some Indian villages and camps on the stream terraces and some Indians at their tasks; (c) Travelers who kept journals evidently considered their sightings of Indians within the Chelan borders too trivial to record; (d) Sightings were probably fewer than might be supposed because the Chelan population along the Columbia was not large, the tribal center being rather in the Lake Chelan region; and, (e) Sightings were less frequent than might be expected because salmon fishing was for the Chelan a less important Columbia River activity than it was for other nearby river tribes and because, as Teit (1928:114) observes for the Chelan and the Middle Columbia Salishan groups in general: "Much of the summer and fall season was spent on the higher grounds, hunting, root-digging, and berrying.". This was the case with the cape, robe, and moccasins. The typical scenario involved the boy making his decision known to his father who, in turn, informed his mother, but apparently the girl and her family sometimes initiated the arrangements. (Ray 1942:254), Love magic was also known and made use of by the Wenatchi, but details are lacking. It is unclear, in short, how best to balance out haste and disinterest on the part of the early passersby on the one hand and, on the other, the relevant aspects of Chelan population distribution, seasonal movements, and other cultural factors as contributors to the general failure of the river travelers to note Chelan presence along the Columbia in the 1811-1850 time span. The greater part of the limited ethnographic data for the Wenatchi is to be found in Ray's (1942) culture element survey. . Grizzly bears were killed by thrusting in their open mouth a bone with the two ends sharpened. When descending the Columbia in early July, 1811, when the water was very high, to explore the river for the North West Company, Thompson (1914:52) mentions only a single rough stretch of fast water in the river course that I define as lying within traditional Chelan boundaries, that about 2 miles, by his estimate, below the mouth of Chelan River. For the Cherokees, spirituality, communal responsibility, and sacrifice guided their lives. Then he took something from his right side and put it in the That of the basic hunting arrow was of flint or obsidian; bone and shell heads were unknown. "Some other creature will make the human being," the Creator told Take off Large trout were caught in considerable numbers at the very head of the lake where the swift current of Stehekin River flows into the lake (Durham 1972:23). Further, the people of these Columbia River winter and summer communities must have engaged year-round in other subsistence tasks and technological pursuits along the river terraces and facing hillsides: e.g., hunting and plant gathering in season, food drying and storage, mat and basket making, hide tanning. The few spots on the shores of the lake large enough for ranching on a small scale have already been taken up and cabins built, but they are few and far between. Again, unfortunately, he mentions no Indians as he traversed the distance from Priest Rapids to "Fort Oakinagan.".

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