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Charlotte is remarkably intelligent, and finished school faster than most people. Charlotte thought going to school would be fun but it was easy for her as she already knew what she was being taught. Bethany stole Charlotte's clothes and pretended to be her to leave Radley, as Charlotte was allowed to leave to attend classes. Rosewood High School(Yearbook Photo) University of Pennsylvania (Formerly)Radley Sanitarium (Self-Taught) Spencer would later be framed by A for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal, kidnapped by A and taken to the Dollhouse, where she was mentally tortured for weeks. She hit her on the head from behind with a rock and Jessica screamed through the window. She used the opportunity to go to Rosewood High School for yearbook picture day where she met Jason. None of you are really certain who you are. She was the best friend, mentor, older adoptive sister and biological cousin of Alison DiLaurentis.CeCe moved back to Rosewood two years after her disappearance. Don't be bored this summer! After the incident with Bethany, Charlotte was mistakenly diagnosed with IED (intermittent explosive disorder) and was drugged to the point where she almost drowned on her saliva. Charlotte knew this but didn't care as she viewed Spencer as a doll and nothing more. Thinking it was Bethany, she hit Alison over the head. Originally, it started as the name Charles or Charlot in France. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Mrs Cavanaugh went up to Bethany near the ledge and Bethany pushed her off the roof. Alison and Charlotte were extremely close friends, and had a sister bond. Charlotte should be on a map, not a birth certificate! Charlotte believed that the grave was for her new beginning but, in actuality, Jessica used it for her own purposes: to lie to Mr DiLaurentis that Charlotte was dead. Alison's relationship with her sister is one that takes time, as she finds out that her sister is transgender and has been the one torturing her friends in Game Over, Charles, the Season 6A Finale. Wren also helped Alex become and operate as A.D. and avenge Charlotte's death. On a side note, if you thought you were expecting a boy and ended up having a girl, and you were planning on the name “Charles,” then Charlotte is the perfect alternative. Tippi The truth, however, was that Kenneth discovered that Charlotte wanted to be a woman and didn't identify with her assigned gender, male. He was then under the false knowledge that "Charles" was dead, having committed suicide and been buried in Carol's backyard. Kenneth convinced Jessica to admit Charles to Radley, and never visited her again. Leena/Lina – From caro-LINE. She knew Mona during her time in Radley, and picked the game up from Mona during that time. Charlotte is a transgender woman, and was born as. Here are 30 of the the best nicknames for Richard! Charlotte hit Alison by mistake. The liars run to the roof and beg her not to, as Ali finally accepts her as her sister saying "Charlotte, please don't do this". However, she knew that Ali would show up if the girls were in trouble if she was alive. Here is the best list of nicknames for William anywhere! She then sent her daughter back to Radley to continue getting help. Put finger bones in Spencer's wedding dress for her mom's bridal show. Charlotte took baby Alison to the tub and dropped her in; however, Alison started to drown. She says she was worried about him and she gets why he thought she had helped Alison run away, before they knew she was dead. This thread is archived. Lottie This is one of my favorite nicknames for Charlotte. Afterward, Hanna returned to Rosewood for Charlotte's hearing and stated that she wasn't afraid of her anymore, which helped Charlotte to be released. It might even inspire sweet dreams! Later, Jessica buried Ali and covered for Charlotte after the latter hit Alison over the head when she confused her for Bethany Young. Charlotte was addicted to the A-game and despite her effort to stop, she couldn't and had to finish the game. Before Charlotte said goodbye to Alison in New York, she snuck home to say goodbye to their mom. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. Now, looking into nicknames is perhaps the most fun part of researching names, and there’s a few nicknames for Charlotte. In 2018, the name Charlotte became number 17 in the United Kingdom and Number 1 in Australia. That's my first name and my family and friends called me CeCe. He also did not attend her funeral or help in the investigation after her deal was ruled a murder. Kenneth freaked out on Charlotte, as he thought Charlotte was trying to intentionally hurt Allison. Spencer was instantly both curious and suspicious of CeCe, as she believed that she was hiding something about Alison and knew more then she was letting on.

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