cbi vs rci skid plates

I was able to do this on my own with the help of a jack. Taken some rocks, roots, and ruts abuse and holding up just fine. The first two bolt locations will be directly under the radiator. You also get a leg up on vendor specials, free gear, giveaway notifications, and more. Obviously the same brand if I am buying multiple pieces. Our Price: $394.99 . Remove the 4 bolts holding it in place. Slide the transfer case skid into place between the transmission skid and frame. BestLine Racing Fuel Treatment Review, Hose clamp sized to fit the exhaust hangers (optional). Would the RCI skid plate work with a Tundra with a 4 inch lift? Do you have a shot from the front of the skid with the plastic filler all installed? These will need to fit a 2018 4runner OR (non KDSS if it matters). You will need to chase the threads behind the bracket on the driver’s side. I will ultimately be installing a steel bumper so I opted to just modify the plastic panel. Aluminum vs. Steel skid plate Wrap Up. There are two holes on the ends of the skid that should line up with the threaded holes you just chased. Install the remaining bolts with anti-seize and the provided washers. They offer both steel and aluminum as well as a modified front skid option for KDSS compatibility. For Example: FS: 4th GEN Carpet Floor Mats - Tan, $50 Denver, CO. All Threads must contain the following information, What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! Make sure not to over-tighten them. The hardware kit comes with two spacers that you can use, but this will slightly reduce your ground clearance so it is preferable to not use them. For now, I am just starting off with the necessary bits to replace the factory skids. The skid plate bolts are notorious for seizing in place so I would consider anti-seize a must. Make sure to use some tap lubricant while chasing the threads. When it comes to underbody protection, you have tons of options for the 4Runner. Chase the threads with an 8MM x 1.25 tap. If your mission is hardcore rock crawling you expect to drag/slide and bounce your vehicle over rocks, then steel plates may still be … Can you post one? Sale Price: $779.00 . Odds are all your threads are full of rust and other grit that will prevent the bolts from going in smoothly. The transmission skid hardware kit comes with: This transmission skid is the easiest of the 3 skids to install. Tighten down hand tight. Joined: Feb 15, 2017 Member: #6388 Messages: 37 Gender: Male. Remove the plastic panel between the stock skid plate and the bumper. I would recommend that you purchase an 8MM x 1.25 tap to chase the threads before installing the bolts. Installation was a breeze. Install the 4 short bolts and the locknuts. It is easy to strip the threads. Cut the panel as shown in the picture above and it should be able to slide in between the skid plate and the frame. All said and done; I believe aluminum skid plates will work for my mission to help provide protection for critical components on my Jeep to reduce the possibility of being disabled while out on remote mountain trails. It also has two tabs that hold the front of it up. The OEM engine skid plate is actually two separate skid plates made out of pressed steel. Remove the 4 bolts connecting the tubular supports to the frame. If not, install them tightly. I recommend installing the anti-seize as the last step because it is very messy and stains everything so I would not want to handle it while you are trying to lift the skid into place. Jan 24, 2018 at 5:26 PM #12 #12. wh4x4 New Member. Best Price Guarantee & Legendary Customer Service! Threads not complying with the rules will be deleted without notice. Install one of the transmission skid bolts by hand just to keep it in place for now. In this guide, I’ll be showing the full install procedure for a full set of RCI Skid Plates. They were about $300 cheaper, closer to me, and quality seemed similar. If you plan to post to Classified forums, you must follow these rules, or your post will be deleted. RCI produces excellent truck bed racks for different popular car brands such as Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Jeep and Chevy. RCI Offroad makes a great set of skids plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner. My name is Bryson and I am new to off-roading, but not new to making lots of modifications to my cars. Finally, as an optional step, you can add some torque location marking using a sharpie, or even better a product like Cross-Check. With the jack supporting the rear end of the skid plate I was able to hold the skid in place and install the two front bolts hand tight. deciding between the two right now. RCI Offroad makes a great set of skids plates for the 5th Gen 4Runner. Our content is pretty fire! Do not use anti-seize here. They are competitively priced, quick to ship, and are very sturdy. I have a set in aluminum on my 4th gen and love them! Just took advantage of some warmer temps, and … One of the great features of the RCI skid plate that most of the competition does not offer is a small cage for the front differential. RCI Metalworks gives you the wonderful option of 3/16” steel or 1/4” aluminum for your skids. However, I did decide to add in their A-Arm skids too. Drop them out of the way. Moderators lock Classified Threads that have not had any activity in 90 days or when the part is announced SOLD. The latest in new 4Runner parts, products and gear. Lift the support that comes with the transfer case skid into place. I slammed the front skid a few times on some poor rocks and the skids did an amazing job at making sure I was able to drive home at the end of the day. Thread title must include at a minimum: FS or FT, Item(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th gen), Price and Location. All plates and panels are available with a variety of finish and engraving and labeling options, and can be purchased blank, or loaded with parts, ready for installation! The short bolts will be used in the front and middle. I then laid on the ground with the skid plate on top of me and lifted it into place and above the jack. I'd much prefer used but I know it's a long shot. RCI Custom Products is the leading manufacturer of premium quality audio & video connector & control plates, truck &rack panels, & custom devices in the audio visual industry. I already installed my steel bumper. 4Runner Tested and industry proven scrubbing technology. ), At least one picture of the item for sale or for trade. You will need the jack later anyway. It looked surprisingly clean though. If you installed that plastic spacers with the engine skid you will need to remove them first. This will make checking all of the torques in the future very quick and easy. The transfer case hardware kit comes with: You will not need the 4 long bolts and their washers if you installed the transmission skid. I had great success with some RCI Metalworks skids on Sirius Black, my 4th gen 4Runner, so I decided to hit them up again for some new skids. Unfortunately I do not. Protect your investment with RCI skids, the ultimate defense for all on and off-road hazards. The EVO MTs are true rock tires. Once the support is in place install the two medium bolts with anti-seize and washers. You can then remove the jack. They manufacture not only racks, but high quality rock sliders and skid plates, two of the most sought after after-market accessories for off roading, or even rock crawling. You will only use the spacers if you do not install the transmission skid. Out of curiosity, what about the Shrockworks design did you like a little more? Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, which helps improve on weight and subsequently gas mileage, but they are more fragile when it comes to slamming them on rocks. Steel is heavy, but gives you the ultimate amount of protection. thanks. So I decided to do what anyone 4Runner owner would do; upgrade! Make sure that the engine skid is as loose as you can get it without the bolts coming out. No I’m referring to the plastic piece you modified for the front skid instead of buying the steel RCI filler. Great fit and great customer service. Hold the rear end of it in place with a jack. I had great success with some RCI Metalworks skids on Sirius Black, my 4th gen 4Runner, so I decided to hit them up again for some new skids. We will never spam your inbox or sell your data. Instead, a popular solution is to wrap the exhaust hangers with hose clamps and tighten them enough to lift the exhaust away from the skid plate. Being an overland/light off-road rig, I wanted to keep the weight down as well. Start by either jacking up the car or driving onto ramps. Looks like there will an RCI group buy at the end of the month. Skid Plates provide the ultimate protection for your rig while venturing off of the beaten path. The cross-check will dry in place and make it very clear if the bolts are beginning to loosen up. In this guide, I’ll be showing the full install procedure for a full set of RCI Skid Plates. RCI Off-Road Full Skid Plate Package Install on 5th Gen 4Runner: Complete Guide, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Trail_4R_Logo-4.png, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1.0.jpg, CBI Gas Tank Skid Plate Install 5th Gen 4Runner, 4Runner Armor, 5th Gen Mods, Install, Skid Plates, Rail Dust Removal How-To with Adam’s Polishes – The Complete Guide, Dongar Technologies Dashcam Adapter for 5th Gen 4Runner – Install, Review & Overview, Unique Style Racing (USR) Interior LED Light Kit: Dome, Hatch, Map and Door Lights, Fuel Treatment for The 4Runner – Is it Worth It? The lower control arms on 4Runners are fairly beefy, but one good slam on a rock and you could be out of commission. Sunnier likes this. Check out Rocksteady Motorsports. Slide the transmission between the engine skid and the frame. This cage is not necessary for stock differential location, but if you install a differential drop you will usually need to install spacers to lower the skid plate so the differential can fit. If … Get Up to 20% Off the Trail 4Runner Store! If you are looking to protect your 4Runner, this is a great place to start. Package includes full front, transmission, transfer-case, and cross-member skid plates. Make sure that you use jack stands in addition to a jack for safety. I'm on the list for that. Leave loose if you are going to be installing the transfer case skid.

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