canoeing to ishpatina ridge

However, at a mere 500 m from the summit, we hit a brick wall. Over the next 2 days, we made our way back to our cars on Beauty Lake road. Matt said he would join me, so we bid farewell to Rochelle, Darcy and Val and headed off through the bush. Ishpatina Ridge is a 18.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Timiskaming District, Ontario, Canada that features a lake and is rated as difficult. In my mind, the southern summit would be a difficult bushwhack with no views, and coupled with the heat of the day and the previous days excursion, the prospect was becoming less and less attractive. From the Kirsch campsite, proceed to the south tip of Smoothwater, where there will be a portage and a nearby creek. "Nihilists! I had stumbled across Ken Takabe’s trip report to Ishpatina which drove me to attempt a solo trip to the ridge on July 22, 2006. Post subject: Ishpatina Ridge Area. It is necessary to bring another pair of shoes for the start crossings and bogs you have to get through. Ottertooth: In-depth: Ishpatina But requires having the right gear and preparing yourself for the steep incline near the summit. We could have a leisurely hike to the top of the ridge and spend quality time relaxing by the water. Most hikers begin on foot or by bike at a rugged road crossing of the Sturgeon River and follow the road north to a series of overgrown bush trails. The parking area and boat launch is on east side of the river, just before the bridge crossing. We had yet to find a campsite, but after examining and declining to camp on the island, we pulled our canoes ashore at the trailhead and setup at the nearby campsite. The campsite at the top of Scarecrow Lake is equipped with a thunderbox (a pleasant surprise!). It would warm up to more than 20 degrees by midday. Paddled down Mihell lake to the first portage a small one at 120m. My wife and I spent 10 days on a canoe trip her in 1996. Do you know anything about the tower at Okiniada Lake just west of Lady Dufferin Lake? The trail starts where they took out an old bridge for logging. There was no way that we were prepared to descend these and it didn’t look we’d be able to go around them. Beauty lake road is pretty well marked, with km markers and a sign at the major fork. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Going up took about 7 hours with breaks, and coming back down took about 6. (1). As the wind picked up, we were thankful to not be on the water, and headed up the trail. I recommend traveling with a light pack and bring water shoes - there are multiple water crossings. It was starting to get hot and I was getting anxious to set off to the northern peak. Over the September Labour Day long weekend of 2007, this trip became a reality; I was joined by Rochelle, Darcy, Val and Matt. Our 5 person team assembled at the Wilderness Dreams outfitter in New Liskeard, as Val, Matt and I had to rent a 3 person canoe for the trip. (Watch out for leeches!) We stayed on Scarecrow Lake and visited the summit – but this was back in the pre-internet age and so we relied on Hap Wilson’s book and maps. Keep right and continue on for another 11 km until reaching the Montreal River. Hiking Log: Awesome, life-changing adventure. Guests were welcome. Turning back, I vowed to return to climb the Ishpatina Ridge. Discovering Ontario's backcountry high peaks. Recommend a vehicle with high ground clearance if taking the overland trail. There are signs indicating hefty fines for violating. The Ishpatina Ridge and much of the canoe route to the mountain lies within the Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos." View from Ishpatina towards Scarecrow Lake. It was quite boney, wasn't it. It stays fairly level for the first half and passes by 2 small lakes and some swampy areas. Unable to stay calm, I screamed and yelled for someone to get a lighter; I’m sure my antics were highly amusing for my companions. When the roads became too tough for my car, I switched to mountain bike and finished up the last 27 km of rough road. As we exited from the trees into a clearing we were greeted by the fire tower and 360 degree views. So I began to plan for a more realistic multi-day canoe trip to the Ridge, starting from the Montreal River access point on Beauty Lake. I'll say we slept real well in our tents that night. It is really important to note we downloaded AllTrails Pro and had the map downloaded so the gps kept us on track throughout the day. As the night approached, we were invaded by a small army of mice. I had my GPS in hand and followed a bearing northeast, straight towards the north peak. The final 1-2km is a steep ascension to the peak. It had been a long day, and we made good use of the remaining daylight. A steep wall of cliffs dropped away below us. Camping within the park boundaries requires a backcountry camping permit. We used the day before the hike to get there and setup camp, then returned to camp got a good rest then departed home the day after. From scarecrow lake up to the top is a very obvious trail up to Ishpatina Ridge. It was just before 4, exactly 3 hours since departing the boat launch, when we stormed ashore to the campsite beside the Marina Lake portage. They met up with us around 11pm or so, during our hike to replenish batteries for our headlamps, and if we needed water or food. Chris Lawson and Marcus Wandel’s canoe trip to Ishpatina Canoe-expericed siblings spoke haughtily of the art of the J-stroke. From Scarecrow Lake it is a 4.0 km trek to the summit. After the 2nd lake, the trail begins to climb moderately and then crosses a beaver dam at Dick Lake. We paddled past the cottage and memorial cross on Lady Dufferin and then onto a calm Smoothwater Lake. However if you have a jeep and or truck you can continue to drive right up to the waypoint where the true trail starts. At McCulloch Lake, we finally enjoyed a longer trip over the water and headed towards the portage to Mihell Lake. Canoe south on the Montreal River through Lady Dufferin Lake, to Smoothwater lake, which despite it’s namesake, can often be rough. Definitely worth the time and effort. But what annoyed me most about the island site on Scarecrow was the toilet paper blanket. There were a few marshy areas on route, which required hopping from log to log, but we finally got to the beaver dam at Dick Lake. Trail was well marked, a little wet and a few down trees. From the trail head to midway of the peak there is a lot of bushwhacking and lake crossings. Compared to our bushwhack back on the summit, the forest here was sparser and it made for easy passage. Many would ask why undertake such an endeavor at all and I can’t help but give the standard peakbagger reply: because it’s there. Complete with tables and chairs, no neighbours for miles, this was a destination unto itself. We dismantled some pits ones on both sites.   |, Click here for my trip report to Ishpatina Ridge – Overland Route, Deseronto’s Ishpatina trip report (canoe route), Ken Takabe’s: pioneer of the overland route to Ishpatina, Andrew Lavigne’s detailed day trip to Ishpatina via the overland route, Firla and Matt’s adventures on the overland route to Ishpatina, Ishpatina Ridge (Tower Summit) – Overland, Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park High Point, List of Ontario County High Points (Peakbagger), List of Ontario’s Highest Elevations (Ottertooth), List of Ontario’s Highest Elevations (Peakbagger). The rest of the trip back went smoothly and we got back to our cars early enough that we could make the 8 hour drive home. If you like bushwhacking for 4 hours. We scrambled to react; closing up our bags and tents, and putting our foodstuffs away. Some came by float plane, some by canoe and 8 of us, including myself & my 13 year old son hiked in, our only guide being Ken Takabe's trip reports. Smoothwater was rough for us as well, especially southbound. Make a left on this rough gravel road and follow for 12.5 km until a fork. It was a surreal moment, 6 of us hanging out in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. The highest point in Ontario! The bushwhack portion of the trail was exactly as described on various posts (IG, FB, etc), lots of scrambling over downed trees and multiple ribboned points making finding the proper trail confusing at times. Over the September Labour Day long weekend of 2007, this trip became a reality; I was joined by Rochelle, Darcy, Val and Matt. Just some other update info: We did the whole thing in two days, leaving the launch at dawn Saturday and getting back at 6pm Sunday. It was only truly recognized as Ontario's highest point after federal government topographical mapping revealed this fact in the 1970s. Difficult trail, and wasn’t unusual for the flagging tape to be missing. Posted: June 10th, 2015, 3:50 am . The trail is fairly easy to follow, despite the fact that it is not maintained. They were not kidding when they rated it difficult. A larger campsite exists on the northwestern shore of the lake, and a nearby burnt out area marks the start of the trail to the Ishpatina Ridge. The Montreal River was gentle and fairly wide; we made better time than I was expecting, considering that most of us were novice canoeists. Ishpatina Ridge and the fire tower from Mihell Lake. Had mechanical trouble with the bike early in the trip so ended up walking more than planned. Having the bikes with us saved a ton of time by knocking off roughly 14kms total. So I began to plan for a more realistic multi-day canoe trip to the Ridge, starting from the Montreal River access point on Beauty Lake. This is a bushwack marked by flagging tape. This hike is difficult but can be made easier if you have a truck. Which tape do you follow red ,yellow, pink, orange and blue. The trail to the ridge is much easier to follow, roughly 2 hours up at a steady pace. You can then save about 15km off the trip. There is a small island about 1.5 km south-southwest of the portage, near the western shore which might be a good option for a small group. Directions: Went in mid september, actually paddled in from the montreal river and did the last 5k or so of the hike from scarecrow lake to the fire tower. We set out at 5am in the morning before sunrise, and the temp just above zero. So after what seemed an eternity of bushwhacking for a whole 250 m of gain, we decided that we had found the other height of land. The head net also helped during the bushwhacking part of the trail, preventing any leaves and twigs from hitting the face. At Apex, we opted to pass up the side trip to Whitemud lake, and headed south over another lengthy portage to a string of 3 smaller lakes connected by short portages.

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