can t equip diceros special

SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp This is a list of all the skills you can unlock using skill points for the Demolitionist. Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim.esp What just happened? Enemy headshot kills may drop signature weapon ammo for the TAC-50 C rifle, except when firing the rifle itself. 3DNPC.esp DLCIntegration.esp Specializations are an endgame feature in The Division 2. Lock_Overhaul.esp After 20 seconds in cover, you start generating 5 marksman and 5 rifle ammo every 10 seconds. DiverseDragonsCollectionSE.esp TKDodge.esp Better Reanimate and Illusion spells.esp Forge Water Fix - CRF Patch.esp Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.esp You have to restart from last save from the previous scenario (assuming that saves from current scenario are corrupted). A new desk becomes available at the Quartermaster where you can equip the Specializations. It seems that you're using an outdated browser. Increased explosives damage. Chesko_LoreBasedLoadingScreens.esp New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thedivision community. SkyrimIsWindy.esp Can't equip an armor part... Archived. HearthFires.esm FNISspells.esp Armor kits now repair over 5 seconds instead of instantly, but also apply to group members within 10 metres. Immersive Patrols II.esp 100% Upvoted. Simple AUA.esp ABT Modules - Merged.esp Reduce the chance you are critically hit in conflict by 20%. It’s a long grind to fully upgrade everything. MCoW_Cutting Room Floor.esp You can switch between them at any time at the Quartermaster. You can't chat with this user due to their or your privacy settings. Dawnguard.esm AH Hotkeys.esp Serana Dialogue Edit.esp Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Reduced.esp Even completely vanilla torso armors no longer work. EDIT: Randomly exited Arcadia's Cauldron and tried putting on my armor, somehow it worked. Share this post. JKs Skyrim.esp CC'sEnhancedOreVeinsSSE-HearthfirePatch.esp Many skills can be upgraded more than once. Increased rifle damage, enabling the sharpshooter a tool for mobile encounters. Pick between the Demolitionist (Grenade Launcher), Survivalist (Crossbow), Sharpshooter (Sniper) How to Use Specializations in The Division 2: Hold Triangle (PS4) / Y (Xbox One) to equip the Specialization weapon. You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. Can't equip an armor part... By Quest_Items, January 10, 2015 in Skyrim Technical Support. grenades), Crossbow Explosive Bolts = Kill enemies with weapons while they are under a status effect (e.g. Are you trying to use the one specific to the specialization you are using? Division 2 specialization equipment and ammo. Men of Winter.esp

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