biology, health and society major umich

Many students do not indicate their major until the end of their sophomore year; Art & Design students do not declare a major. First-year students can also apply to more than one U-M school or college at a time as dual-degree applicants, with certain limitations and guidelines. It also provides excellent preparation for graduate study in basic and applied areas of the plant sciences and related fields, such as ecology, genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry. Enrolled students will assist in ongoing clinical research programs, and B.S., Major Applications for Fall 2020 are now closed! GPA is calculated from all mandatory prerequisites, all courses used for major requirements (including cognates), and all courses in BIOLOGY, EEB, and MCDB. BIOL 350     Introduction to Neurobiology     4 Credit Hours. Topics in biochemistry, and physical chemistry of cellular processes are considered. Topics include chromosome structure and replication, recombination, DNA repair, genetic mapping, mechanisms of gene transfer, regulation of gene expression, and mutagenesis. Topics include cellular metabolism, water balance, translocation, photosynthesis, mineral nutrition, growth and development and production of secondary substances. Credit cannot be earned for both BIOL 105 and BIOL 305. Introduces the methods for infectious disease epidemiology (occurence and spread in population) and case studies of important disease syndromes and entities. A bachelor's degree in microbiology may qualify students for entry-level positions in medical, industrial, or governmental laboratories. Courses used for the major may not be taken pass/fail. (F,W,S). An individualized-learning course that portrays the development of modern biological science. Skills in the use of identification keys and guides are developed. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. The major is highly suitable for students who wish to pursue career pathways in a wide variety of disciplines. Evidence of evolution from the geological recors, comparative anatomy, comparative biochemistry and other sources. Characteristics, distribution, and relationships of plants with special reference to the local Michigan flora. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. The examination of chronic diseases provides an opportunity to understand biological processes across many scales of life, from extracellular matrix proteins to cells in blood vessel walls to risk factors in patient populations to the pharmacology of treatments. In addition, Architecture & Urban Planning, Education, Information, and Pharmacy offer First-year Preferred Admission in which accepted students are guaranteed placement in their sophomore or junior years.*. (AY,F). It’s OK if you don’t yet know what your major will be. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: We are working hard to meet your needs as we adjust to a new way of conducting business. Laboratory exercises introduce the student to basic, practical microbiological techniques and illustrate various principles of microbial life. Advisory Prerequisites: Introductory chemistry lecture and introductory biology lecture. Appointments with department advisors are scheduled in 1111 Natural Science Building. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. Four hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Physics I (lecture & lab): One of the following combinations: PHYSICS 125 & 126, 135 & 136, 140 & 141, or 160 & 161. (AY, F). This course focuses on the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie brain disorders and helps students understand the brain dysfunctions or diseases. Functional and structural features of cells, organelles, and macromolecules. The value of biodiversity, extinction, threats to biodiversity, and both ex situ and in situ conservation strategies are considered. Laboratory sessions include: observations of animal behavior, required manipulations of live animals, and field trips. required for the major. Once you are a Michigan student, you will find plentiful academic advising support to help you shape and focus your academic goals. Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology: BIOLOGY 230*    (4) Introduction to Plant Biology, BIOLOGY 252*    (4) Vertebrate Evolution and Diversity, BIOLOGY 256      (4) Animals Functioning in Environments, BIOLOGY 381*    (5) General Ecology  (SU at U-M Biological Station). An introduction to pathogenic microorganisms and mechanisms of microbial pathogenicity. Three hours lecture, four hours laboratory. A maximum of 50 hours in biological sciences courses may be applied toward the 120-credit-hour total required for graduation. A study of the unique features of birds as representatives of vertebrates, including their morphology, anatomy, physiology, physics of flight, mating systems, social structure, vocalizations, orientation and migration, origin and evolution, growth and development, and issues in avian conservation. It differs from Biology in that it requires fewer credits, less laboratory work, and has more breadth, particularly in the form of a non-science cognate course (see below). Biology, Health & Society Major Program Guide (PDF). %���� Among the topics covered are various aspects of the immunological response, such as humoral or cell-mediated immunity, cell-cell interactions, and immunology as related to the cause and prevention of disease. Emphasis will be placed on soil microbiolgy (fungi, bacteria, microalgae) and plant-microbe interactions (pathogens, symbioses). This course will address the effect of race, age, gender, religion, and economic status on medical research and health care. (AY). Three hours lecture, one hour recitation. BIOLOGY 222      (3) Introduction to Neurobiology, BIOLOGY 256      (4) Animals Functioning in Environments, BIOLOGY 381*    (5) General Ecology (SU at U-M Biological Station). Note: Students taking BIOLOGY 281 also are encouraged to take EEB 372* - General Ecology Lab (3 credits). Prerequisite(s): BCHM 470 or BIOL 470 or CHEM 470, BIOL 472     Biochemistry Lab I     1 Credit Hour. (F,W). Four hours laboratory.

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