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What you'll notice is a channel on the underside. The brand’s road bikes have been ridden to 7 Vueltas a España titles and the team currently provide the bikes for Burgos BH including riders Silvio Herklotz and Jose Mendes. © 2020 - Road Bike Action. The Cristal’s tube profiles are different, its frame geometry is specific, its carbon layup schedule is designed to work with lighter riders, and its components are chosen to better fit the female anatomy. From the side, they are pencil thin and bear a slight curvature to act, in a limited fashion, like leaf springs. And like the G5, the Cristal is known for three things -- long distance comfort, light weight, and sure handling.The Cristal frame and fork are constructed as monocoques. Technically, I don’t know why, but the Cristal makes an unbelievable difference for me. The stiffness and stability of this bike will give confidence to riders who race and/or train hard, without sacrificing comfort for long-distance or endurance riders. That’s all the data I need. Fahrrad fahren hat Stil, ist Leidenschaft, ist Freiheit und Erholung an der frischen Luft. The BH full carbon dropouts are formed along with the rest of the frame, and this process assures continuity in the material. Uphills: Climbing with the BH was a thrill. I had an excellent first ride-absolutely no pain, and I enjoyed myself immensely. Although it’s really light, there was absolutely no twitch or vibration, no ‘skipping’ on the road, and I rode my fastest downhill on it with total confidence. Baltensperger + Partner AG

Deshalb hat sich BH nicht nur mit der Fabrikation von Fahrrädern auseinander gesetzt, sondern stets für alle Fahrraddisziplinen interessiert. Their oversize vertical section resists powerful efforts against the pedals. BH is Spanish for speed. (My other bike flexes, so I feel a slight lag before it goes forward.). Over the course of a long r, Get the latest road bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter, Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Geometry: What I found amazing was how much of a difference the seat angle made to my riding. Zur Website von BH Bikes Wir sind Ihr Generalvertrieb für Österreich: Christian Deixler Fitness & Bike E.U. The stiffness and stability of this bike will give confidence to riders who race and/or train hard, without sacrificing comfort for long-distance or endurance riders. The bike is pretty enough to make the guys take notice, and fast to enough to make them nervous. Just because there is a chromosomal difference between men and women, there is no need to alter the DNA of the road racing bicycle.

THE PARTSTop tube: The very slim, tapered, sloping top tube may look stylish, but it is done with a purpose. 3 sizes: 527|367, 544|376, 563|386, stack|reach. Downhills: Going downhill is a confidence-builder. I just want to go faster, harder and farther every day on the BH.

I was really impressed that the bike moved forward with the first push of a sprint or climb. E-Bikes 25 km/h.

Wir gehen aber noch einen Schritt weiter.

I find the San Marcos to be an uncomfortable seat, but saddles are unique to each rider, so the Selle San Marcos may be perfectly fine for others. The BH brand now manufacture mountain and road bikes as well as commuters. The Cristal shares the G5's wild tube profiling, rigid power delivery, phenomenal light weight and smooth riding qualities. I am like a new person on the Cristal. This all-carbon method also eliminates the need to use alloy for the cups in the head tube and for the crown race seat on the fork.

Even the dropouts on the frame and fork are carbon.

It’s easy to move, it’s super-lightweight and the Dura-Ace group never missed a shift, even under full-climbing torque. But as I rode the bike, I began to realize how comfortable it was, and more importantly, the secure feel of the handlebar alleviated one of the biggest problems I see for women riders: the ‘death grip.’ The FSA Compact bar was helpful for climbing and added stability on the front end when drinking or simply stretching the palms after a long, fast descent in the drops.

City. Ein Velo ist für uns mehr als ein Fortbewegungsmittel.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. I move around a lot over the bike, and so I found it great to sprint hills or do standing climbs and not contact the top tube. Forsterstraße 2 4631 Krenglbach Aesthetically it serves to hide the cables from view, and for this clean look you won't suffer the added few grams regularly associated with internal routing. Soziales Engagement und ein nachhaltiger Umgang mit unserer Umwelt sind darum wichtiger als kurzfristige Quartalszahlen. The BH Cristal is the female-specific model, inspired by the completely new G5-the brand’s Tour-dominating, carbon fiber racing frame. Here, BH intends some deflection to ensure comfort. Even on the roughest of downhills with wind gusts (like Lower Latigo Canyon in Malibu, California), the bike never became unstable. It's one of the most striking details of the bike. Unsere Passion ist es, Velos herzustellen, die individuelle Bedürfnisse befriedigen. Saddle: I admit to taking off the San Marcos seat and using my personal Terry Damselfly saddle. G8 DISC GESCHWINDIGKEIT AUF EINEM NEUEM NIVEAU Einen Allrounder, der sowohl ambitionierten Rennradfreunden als auch auf der Bühne des Profiradsports ein perfektes Rad bietet. That is to say that they're each built as one structural unit, with the composite material laid into a mold and formed in one piece. All Rights Reserved. Just to be sure, I did a session of hill repeats on the infamous Rock Store climb (the final stage of the 2010 Tour of California), and the bike never flexed, never missed a shift and moved uphill willingly and with ease.

I’ve been stopped so many times and asked about it. Als Familienbetrieb sind wir den kommenden Generationen verpflichtet. Official website of BH Bicycles. THE VERDICTThe BH Cristal is a perfect bike for women who want high performance and serious engineering without compromising on design and style. Die graue Energie und das CO2, dass bei der Herstellung der Aluminiumrahmen, der E-Bike Akkus und der Antriebskomponenten entsteht, kompensieren wir nachhaltig durch eine Partnerschaft mit dem Aufforstungsprogramm von OneTreePlanted. 6 STEPS TO RIDE STRONG ON BACK-TO-BACK BIG DAYS, First Look: PowerDot 2.0 – Shocking New Recovery Tech, FIRST LOOK: EASTON EC CINCH FLT 12 SPD DIRECT MOUNT 1X CHAINRING.

We called upon RBA test pilot RaeLynn Milley to ride and report on the BH Cristal, and as such, we are deviating slightly from our standard test format in order to capture a different perspective.FIRST IMPRESSIONSI ordered the Cristal in pink, although the blue is also very nice, and it is a good option to have both colors. Damit dies auch so bleibt, haben wir unsere Schweizer Produktion auf 100% erneuerbare Energie umgestellt. I loved the Shimano Dura-Ace wheelset-awesome. I am faster and more comfortable than on any bike before the BH. My hip flexors are loving it.

The Cristal is so light that I almost forgot I was sitting on a bike, even on the hardest part of the climbs. The size small Cristal frame weighs a mere 890 grams, and our Dura-Ace-build test bike weighed 13.8 pounds. E-MTB. The BH Cristal is the female-specific model, inspired by the completely new G5—the brand's Tour-dominating, carbon fiber racing frame.

Denn OneTreePlanted betreibt nicht lediglich ein Aufforstungsprogramm, die Bäume werden über Jahrzehnte nachhaltig gepflegt. While you will benefit from its aerodynamic properties, you won't be treated to unusual harshness over coarse road surfaces.The careful optimization of the number and orientation of the high modulus carbon fibers adds stiffness and strength. Seit 1945 messen wir uns daran, Mobilität immer wieder neu zu denken und mit innovativen Konzepten zeitgemässe Fortbewegungsmittel zu entwickeln. The BH Cristal is very much like their G5 frameset, though the geometry will better accommodate women's typically shorter torsos and arms. Es gibt wenige Rennräder in dieser Preisklasse, die so kompromißlos hochwertig und modern konzipiert sind! Velofahren hat Stil, ist Leidenschaft, ist emissionsfreie Mobilität. I love the look of the pink-not a ‘hot’ or ‘fuchsia,’ it is a very sophisticated soft pink that reminds me of cashmere. On another note, the Cristal is an attraction for both men and women. This process ensures uniformity in the lay-up, but it also allows their designers the freedom to create complex tube shapes, such as the down tube.

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