best powder for 147 grain 9mm

It will require more weight for the same velocity as fast powders but the additional weight of the slow powder will produce more recoil force. It is important to choose a loading with a good balance of expansion and penetration. 7) for these heavyweights. I gave up on lead and plated bullets in 147 after a bunch of testing. three Good article and a wide variety of test cartridges within the 5 brand limit. On the other hand, my work is easily double-checked. The 9mm needs good expansion to be effective, and all calibers must exhibit adequate penetration for good effect. With modern loads, the difference in expansion and penetration may be slight in either barrel length. The 9mm bullets were Bayou Bullets 160 grain polymer coated cast RN, X-Treme Bullets 165 grain plated RN and IMI 158 grain FMJ. As far as powders for 147g 9mm, the most popular and best powder used by shooters on the BE forum is VV N320-anywhere from 3.3 to 3.5g. It is the user's responsibility to follow safe handloading guidelines to develop safe ammunition. As luck would have it, I didn't have any of the powders in the Lyman manual, nor could I find any at local stores. There's a whopping 0.3 grains between the book's starting and max loads, and a double charge would fit inside a … Subscriber Services. ), seating depth and the burning properties of the gunpowder. I’m sorry I am not convinced the better EDC sould be a 9MM IMHO a .40 or larger is more The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt! Sub sonic, if you have to shoot inside, the noise will be significantly reduced. two I did not see an obvious sign of excess pressure with these loads, as indicated by excess bulging of the cases in the unsupported region of the chamber. The Fiocchi rounds' overall length measured 1.135". My wife carries the .38 Special Critical Defense Lite in her S&W Model 60. I had put a tighter crimp on both the 147 grain moly and the 124 grain Rainiers round nose bullets. I am surprised that the “Radically Invasive Projectile” R.I.P. Give a Gift   I’m using the Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +P load through my SIG P365 (I also use the Critical Duty in .40 S&W 175gr in my PPQ M2 in the Cold months). The 115-grain Fiocchi Extrema isn’t loaded too hot or too light, it is just right! Thanks for the replies. Right off the top of my head, I have three powders around the house that should get you there: Unique, Power Pistol, and Blue Dot. Buffalo Bore also offers fast-stepping 9mm loads in 115 and 124-grain weight. Some folks prefer the recoil impulse of heavy bullets because it feels more like a push compared to the snap of light weight bullets. Checking the Alliant Reloading Data site, my velocity was somewhat lower than they get with Speer Gold Dots and their test devices. These heavyweights were delightful to shoot, so if you're looking for soft-shooting, hard-hitting bullets, give them a try. Just keep in mind that the information is 48 years old. I had read that the 115 grain in +P was the best, but had my doubts, so went with 124 grain. In general, loads with fast powders that used low charge weights and produced velocities below 800 fps did not reliably cycle the Glock. Some of these loads penetrate up to 20 inches in a lot of cases that will go through the human body. I tried a reduced charge of Black and Blue Bullets' recommended load with 2.5 grains of N310 with Bayou 160 grain bullets at an overall length of 1.155". Time limit exceeded. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. The current Lyman manual (49th Edition) does not have load data for anything heavier than 147 grains, but older manuals do. The search was on for five good 9mm defensive loads. If you're using long-for-weight bullets, you might need to reduce the charge weight to keep pressures within safe operating levels. Velocities are the average of a 10-shot string. Revolver vs. Semiauto Pistol: A Ballistic Oddity, QuickLOAD (QL) internal ballistics software, additional weight of the slow powder will produce more recoil force, Tactical Solutions Introduces New X-Ring Takedown SBR Rifle. The primary advantage of gelatin is that the wound channel may be observed and even preserved. I wanted to test at least one +P or maximum-effort loading. Velocity averaged 1140 fps.

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