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They must only light up in the dark! Cut to a shot from behind the door, as cracks of light show around the frame of the door as it opens. Only This song is also a tribute to Mako Iwamatsu, the voice actor for Iroh, who died having nearly completed recording his lines for season two. Katara: (voice-over) But one day the man didn't come. Sokka: Really? They've hurt me, too. (stops and says normally) Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes... (sings enthusiastically as everyone else dances) Secret tunnel! (Fade to a shot of the city of Omashu. Anyone who tried to follow them would be lost forever in the labyrinth. Let's go. It's a wolf-bat! Chong: The curse says that only those who trust in love can make it through the caves. (Sokka turns and waves goodbye to the badger moles. Zuko puts his bowl on the table and replies.) Chong: That is correct, Master Arrowhead. Katara: That's no campfire, Moku. Short black hair now covers his head.) These are bacui berries, known to cure the poison of the white jade plant. Chong: Hey, me too. (Cut to a close up shot of Aang and Katara facing each other, their hands laced together.) (Katara drops her bending stance and slumps over at Sokka's statement, then turns to face him with an arched eyebrow as she replies.) (Cut to a close up of the left side of Zuko's face, song visible in the background behind him.) Cut back to Aang and Katara walking through the tunnel with Appa.) Appa, on his hind legs, frantically tries to dig his way out of the trap.) We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom, and fugitives from the Fire Nation. Katara: Sokka! Earth. Katara: I have a crazy idea. Katara: (hesitantly) Never mind, it's too crazy. Sokka: (while grabbing and stomping out the torches she lit) It doesn't work like that if they're all lit at the same time! But I believe, Aang can save the world. Katara: (voice-over) They met on top of the mountain that divided their two villages. This song has two different versions, one released in December 2019 and the other in March 2020. (Fade to black, then cut to Zuko and Iroh leaving Song's house. She turns around to face him once again in a bending stance.) mako sang this song when he found out he was dying from cancer. Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is. Cut to Sokka rubbing his head in frustration with his companions. Chong: From what? Don't let the cave in get you down, Sokka! These guys have been everywhere. (The character fades in turn and is replaced by a scene of the woman, dressed in red, kneeling on his a hill overlooking a panoramic landscape. (offers his hand to Iroh) Well? Chong: Whoa... sounds like someone's got a case of "destination fever," heh. Aang: (uncertainly) So... um... (He riffs on his guitar like a real world rock star for a moment, his voice not matching the various random notes he plays.) I knew we shouldn't have come down here. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. Water. (less confidently) I hope. But I haven't lost hope. Aang: Hey, Sokka, you should hear some of these stories. They became the first earthbenders. Aang: So, you were showing me the octopus form. His hands enter the shot from above as he raises some water from the river. (Cut back to the tunnel, where Sokka is fooling around with a map, the others stand behind him.) Come on guys, help me out. Momo begins to chitter excitedly, clearly telling Appa the story of what happened after they got separated. Chong: Hey-hey, we're here! There's an old story about a secret pass... (ominously) ...right through the mountains. He carries a long fishing pole and a sour expression. Iroh: You're looking at the rare white dragon bush. Sokka: (firmly) Look, I hate to be the wet blanket here, but since Katara is busy I guess it's up to me. Cut to Appa in mid flight, fireballs closing in around him. (As Chong's sings o.c., Aang looks sideways at Katara, and Katara looks down and blushes. Aang: (dreamily) Us... kissing... Song: It's okay. View Avatar song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song … (Cut to frontal shot of Sokka who raises an eyebrow in skepticism at this.) Two of the figures, Aang and Katara face each other like gunslingers in front of a natural arch of stone that protrudes from the cliff wall. I'm... Lee. The one carrying a guitar like instrument and wearing a wreath of flowers begins to sing softly.) Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! [End Credits], Chapter Fourteen: City of Walls and Secrets, Chapter Twenty: The Crossroads of Destiny. Cut to Appa dodging fireballs at high speed, the cut to a close up of the kids on Appa's back.) According to the curse. She is slightly surprised as Aang's water tentacle grabs her leg and yanks tight. Aang: What? (The painting of the badger mole is replaced by a more realistic depiction of the creature, and the woman in red appears on the creature's right, the man on the left. Aang: (gloomily) We're gonna run out of light any second now, aren't we? Aang, Sokka, and Katara: (terrified) AAAAAHHHHH! His eyes bulge at the sudden realization that he is wearing very little in front of complete strangers. Aang: So all you need is to trust in love to get through these caves? Two holes are blown open next to the tunnel exit to reveal the tow badger moles. Iroh: (sheepishly) Heh heh heh. Sokka: I'm gonna make a map to keep track of exactly where we've been. Hold on! Ah, it must be the curse. If only we listened to you. These are shortly joined by many more. Appa groans. Smells Like a Freakshow (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track), A Most Excellent Charm in Solemn Endurance, Torn Apart (Live at Sticky Fingers) (Bonus Track), I've Got Something in My Front Pocket for You, I've Got Something in My Front Pocket for You (Bonus Track), I’ve Got Something In My Front Pocket For You, Double Negative, Pt. They run to it.) (Chong and his troupe stand and begin to play their instruments and sing.) There they see a statue of the two lovers kissing, a plaque with writing between them.) Zuko: We need food, not tea. Sokka: (sullenly, but also blushing) Just play your songs. (Sokka walks into the shot from the left, still mostly naked and with Momo perched on his shoulder. Iroh: (appalled) What are you doing? This is just a preview! The woman on his left wears black and pink, has big hair adorned with a single flower and plays a flute. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Abrupt cut to a shot of a Fire Nation Commander in front of two long lines of Fire Nation catapults. (Sokka's face gets further distended and exaggerated with each syllable until his warped features almost fill the screen.) My name is Song. He is in a forest and is wearing a dark green shirt and trousers. When the dust settles, Aang, Katara and Appa are separated from Sokka and Chong's party. (Cut to a wide overhead shot of the group from the viewpoint of the top of the cave entrance.) (At this the character turns blood red, and the peaceful background becomes pink and sooty.) (A wide shot of them looking at the statue is replaced by a shot of Sokka again looking at his map, Momo perched on his head.) We'll be fine. Thanks for the help, but Appa hates going underground and we need to do whatever makes Appa most comfortable. Act III When the scene returns, it is in normal pan-scan format. Katara: (voice-over) They built elaborate tunnels so they could meet secretly. Verge - Theme from Avatar the Last Airbender Lyrics. (Iroh looks over Song's shoulder at "Junior," who balls his fists at the name his uncle has just bestowed on him.) I think that kid might be the Avatar. Appa emerges from the tunnel at a gallop, stops, rears up on his hind legs and flops on his back. Aang: We can make it. Chong: (happily) Hey-hey, you saved us, Sokka! She'll leave you broke and broken hearted... 'Cause I've had an idea for, like, an hour now. He follows with Appa close behind. (All the catapults fire simultaneously. (Pointing over to Aang) The little guy knows it. (excitedly) But look what I found! Quickly, their hands separate, a Chinese character appearing between their hands.) (He walks off as the sound of Chong's guitar is heard, indicating another transition. (Katara stalks off the right side of the shot.) Sokka: How did you guys get out? It sails through the air and lands on Appa's toe. (She reaches out to touch his scar, but Zuko grabs her hand without looking before she reaches his face.) Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. His hair is no longer in a pony tail and now lies tangled in a wet mass on his head. Katara: (tries to laugh it off) Us kissing. Some time has passed since Chong's departure, but it is still daytime.) Iroh: (still contemplating and stroking his chin) Delectable tea? Cut to a close up of Zuko's shocked face. Sokka: Labyrinth ! We'll be fine. Katara: (excitedly) Let's go! Iroh: (facetiously) Yes, but my nephew was named after his father, so we just call him Junior. Cut back to a close shot of Katara from the front. (Cut to close shot of Sokka and his mostly naked body, Aang and Katara behind him. Cut a long shot of a Fire Nation tank rapidly approaching the camera, then cut to another overhead shot from the cavern entrance. (Sokka smacks his forehead again, answering Katara's question. They stand in her courtyard. They break the embrace as Katara questions her brother.) Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. (A set of black arrows arcs across the sky and across the woman's form. Chong: (pleased) Aren't we all, brother? She makes a little curtsy.) (Iroh finishes slurping a mouthful of noodles as he looks with some trepidation at his nephew to see how he will answer this dangerous question. After a few seconds, a wolf bat flies right into the camera. (Cut back to Aang, who is now encased in the bubble of water, his arms and, consequently, his tentacles waving lazily around him. The rest follow.) Yeah! Song: Mushi and Junior, huh? Aang: No... it's a tomb. Katara: That's how the two lovers found each other. (Sokka turns and begins walking again. Song's mother approaches the table with a plate of roast duck.) (He lifts his hair to look at them and lets his arm drop lazily back into the water.) After a moment of darkness, the screen is lit by an assortment of gems in the ceiling that glow light blue. Fire. Cut to an exterior view of the mountain, the tunnel exit clearly visible. Zuko: (in repulsion) Yah! Song: (quickly) I know you don't think there's any hope left in the world, but there is hope. He has grown noticeably since the prior season.) The troupe sings as Sokka leads them on, scowling.) Before Sokka can answer, Chong leans into the frame and begins to whisper conspiratorially.) Cut to a wide shot of the kids in the water looking towards the beach from where the sounds are coming from, then cut to a view from somewhere along the path to the beach within the forest. Aang turns away from Katara and looks back at Chong with a smile.) A furry, brown badger mole appears from the dust. (Leaning over at him in anger) Sorry I suggested it! Katara: Right. (As the mount the top of the hill, the camera angle begins to whirl around Sokka, ultimately revealing the city in front of them.) (Cut to a frontal shot of the troupe as they sing and dance their way forward. Chong: I'm sure we'll figure it out. She is crushed. (Cut to Chong and his band sitting by a log in the forest. Verge - Theme from Avatar the Last Airbender Lyrics. Appa rear up and cries out in pain. Zuko stops, looks at the animal, and then looks back at the courtyard. You two look like you could use a good meal. All we need is a plan. Chong: (stops playing) Well, not everywhere, Little Arrowhead. (Katara, whose hair is being braided by Lily, looks crossly up at Sokka at this) We need to get to Omashu. Lily: And die. Song's Mother: (seating herself) My daughter tells me you're refugees. Aang: (dejected) What is wrong with me? On the last note, Chong concludes his chord with a flourish that leaves his left index finger pointed to the sky in a gesture of triumph. Cut back to the singers as they stop, finally noticing the kids.) He stops this and Momo jumps from his shoulder as the noises continue. Song: Do you have names? Whenever. Out of the darkness a huge pack of wolf-bats emerges.

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