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Yet we all carry smartphones, and expect them to do almost everything. It is a reliable and complete solution for providing wireless network to users. It makes an IT guy wish every product/service could be so tightly and well-integrated. To continue this discussion, please It's a platform. You can find lots of blogs on how to do one thing or another, but there is no comprehensive docs that you can read to learn to use the device. Researched Ubiquiti UniFi Switches but chose Aruba Switches: Easy to use, the VPN performs adequately, and the technical support is okay. I find Ubiquiti well suited to every scenario in which a wireless solution is needed. Stable, scalable, easy to install, and we like the framework for virtual switching, Aruba Switches vs. Ubiquiti UniFi Switches report. Automatic uses rolling updates, happens every time we update the controller. If an Executive ever got mad at me for an equipment failure, they're a known brand name, as opposed to a 'cult'! I love them. We validate each review for authenticity via cross-reference We've got 12 APs and three switches - 2 w/POE, 1 w/out - and its everything that an SMB will ever need for wifi. Supply can be a problem, especially for new products.

The replacement item arrived about 1-1.5 weeks after the last email on 6/29/2020 #0907905; Sec. I have used various pieces of netowkr kit in business from Draytek for the smaller / Medium size nework to HP Aruba (and less so Cisco) for the larger network. We use Ubiquiti Kit here in the UK for the wall port switches and Wifi (Unifi). It's affordable and works. ASA  is not a firewall. Hd. You can make Stack. Sort: Clear All. We do not post Ubiquiti … Remote management of entire networks through a single pane of glass is easy to accomplish with the Unifi controller. Updates can be set to automatic or manual. We have 140 staff but these are spread across 12 physical sites with around 30-35 of these at head office and the rest are at sites with 3-12 people so in real terms it's lots od small business bolted together to make a larger one - if we had one site with all staff the cost of Aruba hardware would be negligible (a few switchers / AP's and we'd be sorted) but currently we have around 20 AP's company wide and 40/45 switches and about 18 routers / firewalls (some sites have two separate lines)  and all sites connect to head office via site-2-site ipsec VPNs. Some of it is "secrets" posted only in obscure blogs that list hidden commands or back-door solutions. With Airwave and other tools, it's easy to manage and administrate your wireless environment. I hate them because they're fragile - every update fixes one thing and breaks another. Aruba Networks Wireless WAN is ranked 2nd in Wireless WAN with 10 reviews while Ubiquiti Wireless is ranked 1st in Wireless WAN with 12 reviews.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi is a fantastic solution for entry-level and mid-level businesses looking for a very cost-effective solution for their switching and access point needs. Very little maintenance, set it and forget it.

Find out what your peers are saying about Aruba Networks Wireless WAN vs. Ubiquiti Wireless and other solutions. It's like buying a Swiss army knife just for the corkscrew.

Serv. Store #0906712 Elec.

Here are some excerpts of what they said: More Aruba Networks Wireless WAN Pricing and Cost Advice », More Ubiquiti Wireless Pricing and Cost Advice ». Jul 4, 2018 at 10:11 UTC. It's "cult support" at it's best. With the increase of overall processing power, it's simple for almost any device to have multifunctionality. I too am interested in Ubiquity kit, in particular I'm considering replacing our ad-hoc wifi network with some managed unify access points. How it compares to Cisco, we run our Core Network between 2 parts of the building via Cisco Gear 2 x C3650 and a Meraki MX84 as the firewall / filter bit of rubbish that breaks the filters all the time. I would be hesitant in certain scenarios in placing UniFi switches in high-end mission-critical environments. Firmware quality. After the initial learning curve for the Aruba OS platform, it is straightforward. No items to compare. I'm UK based and sadly there doesn't seem to be any training available here from what i can see. On the other hand, the top reviewer of Ubiquiti Wireless writes "Extremely easy to set up and has never failed on me".

Like Robert, however, I'm partial to HP. Live Chat. on No items to compare. I had no technical problems during those years. 78 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more. And the $800/year support from Cisco is a crime. WiFi Range is excellent and hands over as you wander round pretty well, we run 5 VLANS here and have just over 100 users and the kit just keeps working except 2 early WiFi points which failed 4 weeks ago, they were 4 years old so no worries bought more of them. with LinkedIn, and personal follow-up with the reviewer when necessary. Print Email.

First Reply from Ubiquiti (Kryie Yetter) - 6/18/2020 - Regarding Incorrect MAC Address & Forfeit. Add at least two items to compare. I use Aruba APs.

I have 4 ASAs deployed.

Ah, now firewalls. Speed up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and more.

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