analyse theories of behaviour management essay

Fundamentally, Skinner’s approach requires a set of clear and agreed classroom rules, and an associated rewards and punishments system. If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional essay writing service is here to help! The democratic management model is fair and approachable but staff can become complacent or upset if their ideas and opinions weren’t always considered. The case study in section 2 provides a clear example of this occurring. After two weeks, I was asked to meet with a class teacher, and on discussing our approaches to behavior management, it transpired that the class teacher insisted on silence during written work, whilst I encouraged on-task talk as a form of peer-led learning. One summary of leadership research found intelligence in ten studies, initiative in six, extroversion and sense of humor in five, and enthusiasm, fairness, sympathy, and self-confidence in four. I have discussed nine of those important theories in the following table by including key aspects, strengths and weaknesses of each theory and analysed their effectiveness to Australian high-school setting. Type: Based on the belief that good leaders are made not born and disputes trait theories of leadership. Surprisingly enough, they discovered that worker productivity increased as the lighting levels decreased — that is, until the employees were unable to see what they were doing, after which performance naturally declined. The meetings make sure everyone’s working together and what is expected of the staff on the teams. By encouraging positive behavior (i.e. Bandura, A. and Walters, R.H., 1977. Retrieved from, Type: 21/12/2012 Within a very short time, C realised that her behavior was not going to be commented on, and joined in the discussion – allowing me to positively reinforce her contributions. In short, classical theory ignored employee motivation and behaviour. Thus, it is difficult to measure his personal abilities as a good leader. The failure of communication within the school and between the school and parents is also recognised; child A’s behavior problems are reoccurring because of a lack of parental support: in such a situation, school policy does not modify behavior, merely punishes it. Integrity is adhering to moral and ethical principles, moral character and honesty, which both managers and leaders should share. However, the simplistic system necessitated by classroom needs does not directly compare with anything that children will encounter in wider life: positive actions are not always rewarded, and negative ones sometimes go unpunished. 4.9 Thus, leadership should be directed to influence behavior of followed in the context of the culture. Posters detailing the “R’s and C’s” system are prominently displayed in all classrooms. The understanding of the various theories of leadership will provide a guideline to judge as how a leader emerges. To get the best out of people and develop the staff team (human relations/transformational theories), and not create more issues or hostile environments, managers and leaders need to adopt different styles and approaches. Otherwise known as Taylorism, scientific management refers to “the systematic study of relationships between people and tasks for the purpose of redesigning the work process to increase efficiency” (Waddell 2013, p. 37). Various organizations differ on the basis of their size, age, ownership pattern, objective, complexity, managerial pattern, cultural environment, etc.. Type: The understanding of the various theories of leadership will provide a guideline to judge as how a leader emerges. However, there are a number of criticisms that can be made of Skinner’s original work, and therefore of the models derived from it. Decision making is linked with both managers and leaders needing to make decisions, dependent on each other to make the right decision. Good listening skills Because of its limitations, other researchers have developed alternative approaches to behavior policy, with a focus on the broader personal development of the student rather than on responding to behavior ‘as it happens’. Such behaviors patterns are developed among the child as various traits over a period of time. The classroom teacher must use their judgement to decide on the appropriate course of action in individual cases. Students were encouraged to take part and give their opinions whilst creating the “classroom rules” list. She states that “some contemporary educators might object to using rewards and punishments to shape behavior”, but asserts that, with the support of teachers who are willing to assess the individual discipline situation, such an approach is still useful.

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