alaska airlines flight 1866 passenger list

Thank You. Flights; Deals; Hotels This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. Thats all the info I have on this crash. Cars This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska Airlines. But the beam had rotated 35 to 40 degrees from it's intended direction. “The navigation systems have evolved dramatically in the decades since 1971 when this accident happened,” Ladner said by phone from Seattle. Alaska Airlines Flight 1866 was a scheduled passenger flight operated by Alaska Airlines from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle, with several intermediate stops in southeast Alaska.On September 4, 1971, the aircraft operating the flight crashed into a mountain in Haines Borough, about 18 miles west of Juneau, Alaska while on approach for landing. Those accidents — each considered a “controlled flight into terrain” as Flight 1866 was — convinced Alaska Airlines and the City and Borough of Juneau (which owns the airport) that more improvements were needed. That difficulty led to more accidents like the one that claimed Flight 1866. Charles, thank you for the info. The NTSB also found that ATC had used proper procedures in handling flight 1866. [3]:3, At 11:54 the controller instructed the crew to stop their descent at 12,000 feet and changed the clearance limit to PLEASANT intersection where they could expect to hold. Engines: 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7B I also have 4 aircraft scanners; 2 base stations and 2 hand held. They had crashed into the slope of a canyon in the Chilkat Mountains. Location: 35 km (21.9 mls) W of Juneau, AK (United States of America) The crew had ways to verify the plane’s location, but using them wasn’t required and wasn’t part of the normal landing procedure. Fixing the problems that led to the accident would not be so easy. “There were young people who would be alive,” he said. The crew also did not perform the required audio identification of the pertinent navigational facilities. Several people were returning to Juneau after a successful moose hunt up … Now, Troopers and Guardsmen have prepackaged disaster kits that can be delivered by helicopter or aircraft to the scene of an accident. Any persons or organizations interested in using any of the images copyrighted to BMB Photography for publication (in print or online) are encouraged to contact me to request permission. The exact amount and the details of the settlement remain sealed from public view by court order. There was no altimetry system malfunction. The flight checked on to the tower frequency, reporting over BARLOW intersection. It could not be established that effective crew coordination took place when the first officer changed his VHF navigational frequency from the VOR to the localizer and requested the captain to tune in the VOR.

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