adore roblox death

ya, ya.. i heard newyorks “news” that there was a girl killed but i dont think its actually joyce- so maybe this is fake after all.. and this might be old but still. Her name I believe is Joyce. There are also stories that the innocent girl who lived at the wrong address given for Adorrreee has been harmed. They actually sent people to a innocent girls house., so there’s this thing about this Adorrree girl going on in the roblox community and the other day i went on ragdoll and i don’t know what their problem is. however, I hope we can learn as a community from our BIG mistakes. lol, imagine believing rumors that aren’t true at all. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She did this for attention, and everyone is giving it to her. He believes LGBTQ people are sinners, one thing I learned is to accept everyone because we all are different. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. It’s okay to kidnap someone? Apparently I’m ‘nine y/o’ when I’m 13 lol but lets just pretend I’m 9 y/0 for these few months or years. And then came rumors that Adorrree has been kidnapped. No I am not kidnapped and the ip and address y’all dropped I hope yk that this ain’t my address and 4 whoever that lil girl is I feel bad 4 her lmfao. I am against what she is doing. Adorrree has also caused controversy on Roblox, which is a gaming platform. If you didn’t know she was making racist comments on Roblox, talking about blacks and Mexicans. It isn’t right for poor innocent kids to be found chopped up in a ditch by a kids game. No it’s not. I’ve had numerous people standing up for her and actually fucking taking part in this. People then started to screenshot and record the terrible evidence. She needs to learn her lesson and watch what she says!! guys the girl who died isnt joyce.. joyce is safe and well. you all should be ashamed of yourselves for blaming all this on me. i spoke out more on my twitter, not a self-promo but please read them. just because she did very ignorant things doesn’t give you the right to give out her potential address. Read the tweets below: #BlackTwitter okay so these 2 roblox users have been being racist on roblox games talking shit about Mexicans and Blacks.

i think its really sad this all needed to happen. :’) (@municorni1) May 17, 2020, Yeah her name was joyce u was just reading about it and apparently she did survive but i’m literally about to delete everything cause it’s so aggravating that adorrre literally said that she would continue doing this. Hello, I have investigated on a tiktok drama called the “Adorrree drama” this is a serious problem Adorrree a 14 year old tiktoker or roblox tiktoker has leaked a child’s address which ended UP on the child getting kidnapped and being chopped up basically a murder in a ditch this, Hello, I have investigated on a tiktok drama called the "Adorrree drama" this is a serious problem Adorrree a 14 year old tiktoker or roblox tiktoker has leaked a child's address which ended UP on the child getting kidnapped and being chopped up basically a murder in a ditch this. There are no articles about it, a simple 30 second google search could save you from falling into the internet’s ignorance. she has to think how SHE would react if she would be Joyce. R@pists and pedos were sent to the house, and she was kidnapped. she says the mexicans should live in cages too! 13 year old girl found dead in a ditch over Adoree Roblox drama rumour – Here’s what we know. I wish it was Adorrree who died and not the girl, I am very confused with this situation. you guys cant believe people on twitter they dont know anything other than what someone else told them. She posted a video on tiktok even after her videos were deleted!! She was found in a ditch. Cancel Adoree. “hey so I was on roblox and there’s some girl that are being rude to all cultures and stuff and making tik toks then laughing I will send a picture if I can and I didn’t know how else to reach y’all ;( please one of there user names is adore_adoree I think I try to send a picture,” wrote one Twitter user. However, Adorrree said the girl was not her. However, Adorrree Roblox has shared a post on Tik Tok saying she was never kidnapped, the released IP and address released claiming two ne hers are false and that she is 13 years old and not 9 years as speculated. And someone really killed her. The truth however is NONE of these rumours is backed with an article online from authorities that show proof that there was really a 13 year old found dead in a ditch cut up. i’ve people try to say that they’re the victim. but, considering how big this is, don’t you think it would’ve made the internet by now? . If they keep on shaming her, someone could die, in this case, Adoree could commit suicide, making it other people’s fault too. Continue assumin’ and continue the death threats. Everyone needs to grow up because things like this get said every. Adorrree is canceled but she is racist I want to her roblox acc and said “trump for life” she made us sound racist but it’s not ok she have over 100k views so I know how many people Greek about her if she is racist that is her problem..she need to get straight though. some of you dont understand that murder is a serious crime. As most of us know, Adorrree leaked a random person’s address. Users then blamed Adorrree for the supposed murder, according to her posts. I don’t know what clearly happened.

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