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This dynamic duo took home the gold in the Athens, Beijing and London Summer Olympics. Although he has come under scrutiny in recent times, especially after being suspended in 2017 after accusations of corruption, Irfan was praised back in 2013 when he took it to South Africa with his fast bowling skills. Known by his ring name El Gigante, Gonzalez ended up working out a ton to get into the most iconic ring of them all, the WWE. During a standard match, however, the ball is in motion for about 20 minutes. In 1998, Roger Federer won the Junior Wimbledon. Although his record has wavered in recent times, Choi is still a national treasure in South Korea and continues to compete in the ROAD Fighting Championship. The legacy that Bird managed to leave behind in the NBA is just astonishing. The 100-meter race in the Olympics is said to be the equivalent of the stadion, a running event featured in the Ancient Olympic Games that spanned approximately 180m. Italian boxer Primo Carnera was a little-known professional boxer and wrestler who used his striking physique and achieved much success inside the ring. Sadly, Mitu was poisoned at only 26 years old. Recently she has started playing for Italian team Il Bisonte Firenze. Bjornsson has obviously use his home gym equipment a lot! The fee paid for his transfer was a record sum at the time, at $81 million. NBA player LeBron James is right-handed on the basketball court but left-handed in everything else. These days he is pursuing an acting career and has appeared on Korean TV shows “2 Days & 1 Night”, “Running Man”, and “Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight” and is also working on singing and rap skills. Erika Ervin nicknamed “Amazon Eve”, is the tallest model in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. At 7ft 1in, there were few who could reach the dizzy heights that O’Neal could. Did you know that between 1995 and 1998, Pele served as the Extraordinary Minister of Sport in Brazil? Neymar is a popular soccer sensation from Brazil. However, Flair would have another stint with the promotion, TNA wrestling. The bone of contention was that the event's organizers thought they ought to be supporting American troops instead of joining marathons. Fearing that opposing teams would be able to decode his hand signals, Hubbard gathered his teammates to a circular formation to set up plays. During this time, he played for the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit Pistons. Sadly, Konishiki “Meat Bomb” Yasokichi got close but never earned the highest rank in Sumo, the Yokozuna, meaning grand champion. The earliest bowling balls discovered were made of grain husks wrapped in leather and bound with strings to keep their shape. Its intricate artistry hypnotizes spectators as their spins have been clocked at 300 revolutions per minute. Sadly, Choi is on the road to retirement due to health reasons, but he is still a big star in South Korea. There were no competitions held for ladies who were only introduced to the sport in 1884, the same year the men's doubles event was added to the roster. Fans were very upset by this news and soon after the announcement he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and his jersey was retired. His talent and prowess for the sport became very apparent when he was just eight years old after he won the Under-12 regional tennis Championship. Maria Yuryevna Sharapova is one of the tallest women to ever play professional tennis. Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, and Atlanta Braves are just a few of the teams Loe has played for. Woods is also fond of writing, penning a column for Golf Digest magazine between 1997 and 2011. He completed secondary school in New York at Manhasset School. The first-ever 18-hole course in America was built on an Illinois sheep farm in 1892. At a height of 7’2, The Great Khali goes down as the eighth tallest professional wrestler in 2014, and he is also the fourth-tallest wrestler in WWE history as of 2017. There's an annual bike race held on the Tibetan section of the world's highest mountain. He now has two passports one from Argentina and one from Spain. The first golf balls were wooden. Did you know Pakistan had won the first test of the two-match series against India, leaving the latter in a must-win situation during the Delhi Test. Huge crowds attend the IPL matches every year and millions more watch on television. After he was discovered, Irfan quickly rose in the ranks and became known as a well-paced left-arm fast bowler and in 2013 he helped the Pakistani team claim victory over South Africa.

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